MMR - are the devs really happy with it?

I am curious, did they communicate with the community about it? If they haven’t, could a community manager please answer the question for me?

Are they really happy with it? Do they think it is healthy for the game, especially the PvP participation? Or what are the reasons that they don’t change it, even though the absolute majority is asking for more inflation in basically all brackets?


Does that work East of the Atlantic

At this point, no one can/should reasonably expect anyone to provide any information related to MMR.

S4 is gonna be a shorter season that will likely see near record low participation with Cata and Remix being released during it. No amount of artificial inflation is going to save it for those who are still here.

We are in the 11.0 waiting room. Best to kick your feet up and enjoy the stay, or come back for TWW.


Unfortunately not, but things could have been different on your side of the Atlantic.

Not a fan of this don’t play until last week meta

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If s1 rss inflation and s2 unchained never happened, we’d be living in a world with flying cars RN.


Do you think this is true? Really asking.

It kind of seems to me that artificial barriers are created at rating milestones due to players getting their desired achievement and just logging out. 2s is a good example. Trying to hit 2.4 in 2s means I’m trying to figure out a way to beat Nahj, Kalvish, Aeghis or other r1 players with some level of consistency to climb. These guys should be higher up but they aren’t because people don’t queue past 2.4 to push them higher.

Just feels like whether inflation is low or high or artificial or not, players are playing the game for rewards and then logging out and taking their mmr out of the ladder with them. All the talks about inflation just feel like a symptom of the bigger problem: the game isn’t being played for fun, but for rewards by the majority of players.

When things like shuffle in DF s1 happen, people wanna see how high they can push the number cuz it’s so drastically skewed and it sticks out in our minds as a reason for why players think the way they do. I don’t necessarily think the player base would feel differently if those seasons never happened though. The game is still in the state that it’s in pvp-wise and people will play to the reward threshold they feel is achievable and log out. There just wouldn’t be a bunch of threads about inflation (we’d find some other marquee issue to complain about instead as we always do).

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Its because of participation so we need to ask why participation is so low. Therefore we can find multiple reasons, starting from several expansions to play (wotlk, sod, retail, plunderstorm) and ending at unfun class/game design.

But one reason for it is no dynamic mmr inflation, based on participation. I mean, why would someone currently try to climb to 2.4+ if he barely managed to reach 2.1 for example? If you are hardstucked at some rating, you stop playing there, since there is no point in continue to play.

Without progress you stop, it is just normal. The meta swaps might cause higher participation for a short duration, but at what cost? More and more people prefer to swap to another game and not to swap to an unwanted class.

I am someone who plays 3 classes in total but 1 is the one I always play and the other 2 just when nothing else is going on. When that 1 class has no viable spec, I stop playing! And I am sure a lot of people handle it like that.


yes, in my honest opinion it is at least one strong reason. Players need progress to play and being hardstucked at some rating is the opposite of progress, isn’t it?

For raid players, even when they cleared the whole raid, gear is their progression. For m+ players, it is gear and better timings. For arena players, rating is the only progress!

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They communicate with their actions

Unchained was an accident
It was a side effect of them worrying about the top of the ladder looking for a positive solution that would mimick rating decay without feeling punishing

we haven’t seen a repeat of unchained because they obviously don’t want the rewards to be so worthless

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See I don’t get this take either. The same people that say this say that people who don’t get the glad mounts or whatever should “play the game cuz it’s fun, not focus on rewards”. But like… if you honestly feel that way, why do you care who gets the rewards or how easy they are perceived to be to obtain? Aren’t you just playing the game for fun?


I’m not the same people who say that so what you just asked me was dumb

Everyone should strive to get the rewards that they want but that doesn’t mean everyone who plays the game should get the best rewards

It’s healthy to want something
It’s mentally unwell to feel entitled to it because you showed up

A dead game mode is probably much better!

But that isn’t the issue. The issue is, that the mmr is basically hardstucked. There is no movement, no inflation. That is frustrating and gives you no new target after achieving your season goal. There is also no reason to set new goals, if there is no way of achieving them.

So you simply stop playing. In best case, for blizz, they try something else within the game. In the worst case, they play something else. But no matter what, every lost player is the worst case for the PvP community, because it directly influence their mmr as well!

The game itself isn’t as much fun, due to class and game design, weird meta shifts and missing balancing, that you would continue to play just for that!

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What about playing better and winning more

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Great idea. Lets balance arms+ret(+fister) and see how you like the idea after that.

Or increase the current rank system for the glad mount to be 50 wins on 2700+. I am sure you would enjoy that a lot!

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Do you talk to people like this in real life?

What’s crazy is you saying I’m dumb for saying you said something you didn’t and then telling me I said something I didn’t. Where did I state everyone should get the best rewards? Even if I were advocating for S2 of SL to be normal (I’m not, and you’d know it if you bothered to have a normal conversation rather than being weirdly inflammatory for no reason), 10-15% of players getting glad isn’t anywhere near EVERYONE. You’re so dramatic.

Crazy jump to an extreme based on a simple question.

Then I wouldn’t get them and either make peace with that or adjust/improve

Was this an attempt at a gotcha or something

What even are level 10 posters

And how would that look like? You would stop playing the game, at least arenas, and try something else that seems to be more fun!

And guess what: That is what is currently happening. Most players on my friend list stopped playing the moment the got glad. There is no reason to continue to push!

So you can argue as much as you want about “deserve it or don’t get it”, is it healthy for the community? Hell no, it isn’t! It kills arena!

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Play a bunch and not get it? :dracthyr_a1:

Hitting your reward bracket for the season and quitting is fine and most people just hop on alts to grab elite sets or something

Although a 1800-2400+ incentive for alts might be cool

Yeah unchained 3s and crimson shuffle really were a mistake

Fine in terms of that you can’t blame the players? Sure!

Fine in terms of game design and keeping the season alive? Definitely not! It is a terrible design!

Based on the players that were actively playing? Nope! That is the current season! It is simply dead. As dead as season 4 in SL was, while unchained 3s and crimson shuffle were frequently played by a lot of people!

Personally I want to play an actively played game. Not a dead game mode nobody plays, because its not fun to play, nor is there anything more to achieve!

Seriously, if you really think it is better to keep it that way and have a dead game mode for 90% of the season, instead of changing the system and have an active season, I really can’t argue with you anymore. It is beyond my mind how anybody could feel that way!


Verdant gonna have like 3-4x the amount of mounts that Eternal did.