MM mains try this comp!

What’s up guys! This is for mm mains only, if you’d like to have fun, double mm is NASTY in the opener, just find another mm with the same haste, and sniper/rapid fire your way to victory. Ez pz.
Disclaimer: I am manually playing both mm’s, so the opener is a little better than most could do. Happy hunting! Pushing 1900!

Hope to see you smash people!


So what’s the opener? Lol

Double tap/trueshot/blood fury.

Double sniper into 2 rapid fires maccrod with badge and cc immune trinket (fastidious resolve)

Doesn’t Bloodfury pop you out of stealth? Probably the best thing is just Doubletap pre into a Sniper Shot into kyrian arrow into a macroed Trueshot bloodfury Badge Fastidious Rapidfire if you dont kill there both instantly aimedshot another person in the circle and they 100% die from the Trickshots aoe dmg from sniper shot.

Casting SniperShot doesn’t remove the stealth so its free one shot setup.

Idk if it really matters, most people are dead before they can react if you are max range

Actually because of how rapid fire animation works, it’s actually better to open closer, rather than farther away. Less travel distance for arrows= less reaction time. Not on TOP of them, but close enough so they can’t get me to for disarms, as well as they can’t run away if they choose to.

And no, blood fury does not take hunters out of camo

Yes, I open with snipers into rapid fires.

If you are going for a cheese 1 shot with 2 MM hunters then you aren’t going to rely on the rapid fire to do the biggest damage to kill. You just trap the healer, burst, if he trinkets you have other hunter stack so he can trap. By the time this has all happened in 2 seconds the person you were both targeting took 120k worth of aim shot damage.

I’m manually playing both hunters

That was fun to watch. thank you for sharing man!