MM lack of set ups in pvp

(Frista) #1

I really want these devs to play MM and 1v1 a warlock just to see how ridiculously easy it is for them to set you up to get smacked by Chaos bolt which was buffed insanely for pvp. You cant feign, silence, freeze and scatter their moves all the time man. Not to mention they can eat your AiS burst like its nothing and we all know that long DREADFUL cast time when our trueshot runs out in pvp if we are going 1v1 against a lock OR good melee. Hell he doesn’t even have to be good and it’ll still be a pain cause that concussive shot kiting bs can be easily broken down. I get that we are doing much better in raids(even tho we need more baseline moves) but dude we need better stuff for pvp too man.

(Masoschism) #2

I have no problem losing a burst war if standing toe to toe with a destro lock. That’s not our jam. Yes we have always been a bursty spec, but we’ve never really been the most bursty. If we get the jump on them from stealth, well that’s another story. And it is another story. I don’t really have a problem against a Destro if I get the jump on them.

MM strengths are kiting, battlefield control, getting the opener, and burst. The current kit has all of those things. It just falls a short on kiting and control (and getting the opener with the wonky Camo CD mechanics), but looking at the kit, that’s the obvious design intent.

It won’t be good until they give us more in those areas, but it doesn’t need any more burst. If it loses in a stand still and cast war to the most bursty spec in the game that’s just fine by me.

(Mezx) #3

Entrapment needs to come back for disengage. This really made trapping a breeze during MoP in arena.

(Frista) #4

I dont even think we need more burst. We need more CC like how locks can spam you back to back with fear, shadow fury etc and crush you with chaos bolt which got a insanely broken buff in pvp a few tuesdays ago and including it has a shorter cast time than AiS. idc man thats ridiculous and bs no matter how you look at it. Their “design intent” is garbage like the rest of the class design in this xpac.

(Boltaction) #5

im thinking 2 charges of bursting shot would help here. not only cuz the darn thing is buggy but it gives us that extra kiting. really we need just 1 more peel ability and i think we would start to really compete. after a few days of testing a fully agree that MM is missing its ability to actively kite any class. and in arena Sniper shot isn’t effective enough to get us over that hump. I think the only way they would give us more kiting is if they got rid of sniper shot. which im fine with. just give us the old master sniper mastery and we would be fine without sniper shot