MM hunters

Can this be addressed please? why do they have stealth on top of all their defensive’s? why do they nuke my health before I can get a single cast off? why did sniper shot do 920k damage, instant killing me. They’re not even glass cannons.

MM Hunters are always on top of every leader board with heaps of kills, they are the most frustrating class to fight in battlegrounds, I don’t remember ever having this issue before. Help me, I’m dying out there.


please see one of the 800 threads about hunters, while you cry from second best class.


Press fear man


Out of range


People always complain about hunters damage but without damage the class will have literally nothing.

It already has essentially nothing cause other classes bring more damage its why hunters are always last to bring to raids and m+ and get hard focused in arena and rated.

The class has been in desperate need of a rework for a long time and by the looks of it pretty much every other class is getting one but us lmfao.

No class buff no group cc no crazy self healing no nothing so just keep that in mind when you call for hunter damage nerfs.

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Binding shot, explosive trap, tar trap, bursting shot. These can all be used to exert control over a group of players.


What’s funny is 3 out of those 4 are literally the worst of any of the abilities in their categories.

All very useful tools in epics. As is barrage :smiley:


Remove Sniper Shot and let Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire be kicked like every other ranged class.

No school lockout, so getting kicked should interrupt the cast / channel and deplete all Focus.

Reduce the base cd of defensives by 25% and improve Born to Be Wild in the class talent tree to 15% / 30%.


youre a very useful tool in epics


Because youre not geared at all. The issue is the ridiculous gear gap.
Locks do huge damage when full BIS.

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I am indeed. A back capping maaachiiiine! :smiley:

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It’s even worse in the lower than 70 brackets where a good chunk of MMs I guess that don’t enjoy the 70s for whatever reason party synch down to rain down their skill on lower levels.

Sure the are synched somewhat to an appropriate gearing but they know all to well that a good portion of the BG will be in leveling gear and have like 50% of their health.

I guess those easy scores are “scrumptious” to certain player personalities :slight_smile:

Although some of them are not reliable (and haven’t been for many expansions) each one of them has saved me on occasion. So, yes… it sucks when they fail to work as they are intended to work but when they do work it can be the difference between living and dying.

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Fried. Just like the dead zone suggestions. Just tune/nerf the damage. Why tf do people want other classes unplayable?

This suggestion would be like me saying ret should have no ranged abilities and be unable to attack in bubble. Sounds fair, yeah?


Clearly a legit thread

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How would this make MM unplayable?

You’ve gotten so used to playing the game on training wheels that you can’t even see that you would still be in better shape than every other ranged spec should you get kicked with this set up.

Auto Shot still rolling, don’t get locked out of any defensives, CC, or mobility, passively generating Focus for existing…but like every other spec in the game, you would actually have to consider some risk instead of derping your way to the top of the leaderboards because your offense never stops and no one can get close enough to do anything about it.


I did have a sniper shot hit me for over 1 million damage… from a MM hunter with zerker and consumables… while at full stacks holding an orb in ToK.

If you’re having trouble with MM as a ret, it is 100% a skill issue. A paladin saying another class is playing with training wheels is hilarious with how many of your abilities can save someone with horrible positioning. Ret if played well is unkillable, has more range than an Evoker, and can burst you down in one stun.

Saying a kickable MM would still be better off than any other caster is so out of touch with the reality of PvP in this game that I think further conversation is pointless.


A fireball could one shot with all that…