Misunderstanding about level squish

(Fury) #354

Wouldn’t there be benefits like gear not getting replaced as soon? I wouldn’t mind a level squish.

(Hardwire) #355

Traditionally, the game had two areas of permanence: mounts, and levels. Equipment comes and goes, classes get retooled, but our mounts stayed the same and our levels went up.

I don’t think it’s trivial, or coincidental, that the devs are willing to remove both of these areas of permanence. And I don’t think it’s surprising that a lot of players are looking at how ephemeral everything in the game has become, and asking why they bother.

(Moomoose) #356

You have given not even a suggestion of how a level squish will have any of the effects you think it will.

There are no plans to change anything to make leveling less boring.

This is what I call “making promises you can’t keep”. This unknown poster who has never posted on this forum before is telling us that they’re going to make leveling “fun and rewarding” through some magical mechanism they can’t share with us.

I thought complete homogenization of progression during level scaling was supposed to give a “feeling of accomplishment” to us. Why did that not work, and why do you think we need even more of the sort of “feeling of accomplishment” that is so demotivational that you’re causing people to quit?

Since it currently takes <90 hours to level to max, yet they’re asking people on the survey if they would pay $60 to skip 90 hours, this suggests they’re planning on making leveling even slower than it is now.


Except mounts aren’t getting retooled. A single mount is changing and an entirely new system is being added that impacts all mounts (aside from the skygolem, which functions identically to druid forms). And the mount change is being offset by the equipment system which gives that mount back the functionality it had and gives it to every other mount in a players repertoire. If you equip the freebie item you get in the mail and never touch the system again you literally have the same functionality you had pre-equipment system and more because all your mounts water walk. So if you’re up in arms about that, I mean, to me that seems like you’re trying to find something to be upset about.

But we go through a power scale reset every single expansion. The level number doesn’t matter in any real way and how powerful someone is at one specific level is often very different years later at that same range due to game changes. So while the number itself doesn’t change the relative power fluctuates wildly. Particularly with the multiple stat squishes we’ve already had. A level squish, presuming it would occur with a new expansion, would adjust characters when they’re normally in a massive transition anyways that we all know happens every new expansion anyways.

Though to be honest, I find that transition annoying even if it is expected specifically because of the way Blizzard chooses to handle power progression so the sheer fact that there’s some adjustment and the complaints that accompany it aren’t something I’m going to rail against. But simply having a label (the level number) remain the same because reasons is silly. If you (or anyone) is going to complain, complain about something that matters, something that actually functionally changes the way the game plays in a negative way. I can’t sympathize if someone needs the number to stay the same because. If it bothers you so much get an addon that changes that number to be consistent with the old system if it means so much to you (generally, not specifically).

(Ðoomaxe) #358

I support level squish and here’s how I think it is going to work.

  1. They are going to reduce the levels by about half last I heard. In one of the last 2 or 3 Q&A’s Ion said almost as much but it was only in the thinking phase, as in they thought about it, so max level could be between 60 - 100 is my guess.
  2. It will take longer to get to whatever the max level will be then it does now to get to the same level. What I mean is that if it takes 900 million xp to get to 60 now then when we get a level squish it will take 1 1/2 to 2 times that to get to level 60. I think overall there will be less xp needed to hit max level because of less overall levels but it will take more xp per level then it does now. Individual levels will feel longer because they will take longer to get but it will, or should, be faster to hit max level then it is now.
  • Per level = more xp to level up
  • Overall xp = less xp to hit max.
  1. We are going to get the same amount of abilities as we have now but they won’t be spread out over 120 levels or should I say 80 as it is now. We will get all our skills by max level so it will feel more rewarding to level then it does now because there will be no skill droughts for the entire leveling experience. We will actually get skills sooner and probably more often if max level is 60 because right now they are spread over 80 levels so the skills from level 60 - 80 will have to be spread out over the 1 - 60 level range.

(Ravens) #359

mostly the issue is people are assuming the level squish is going to be a stat squish too. but forget that blizzard already did the stat squishes and scaling over WoD and Legion. So no need for them to do extra work to tweak that again.

So the level squish will most likely just be an arbrituary number change accross the board when it comes to levels… example if they decide to half the levels, the time it takes and exp points required to level up 1 level is the same time it would take and combined exp required to level 2 levels pre-squish. items which require level 40 to equip will require 20, the talent row that unlocks at 100 will unlock at 50, a raid which requires you to be 90 to enter will require you to be level 45, level 20 twinks will now be level 10 twinks, etc.


Don’t tell me you think this survey is real? It’s a fake dude

(Ravens) #361

regardless if the screenshots of the survey are fake, we do know a level squish is coming. Ion Hazzikostas stated it himself during a Q&A that they are considering it.

(Yasudra) #362

I didn’t know that. How do YOU know that? Did Blizzard say that? That seems highly suspect. Unless by players, you mean characters.


Considering something doesn’t mean it’s coming lol. You serious?

(Ravens) #364

they said considering about the level squishes, they happened… they considered _________ and those happened.

The fact that they specifically filtered out this question, out of thousands of questions to include in the Q&A should tell you something… So far everything they’ve included in the Q&As since they began in Legion were changes and things we all saw implemented in-game (i.e. all the questions about legendaries, drop rates, artifact weapons, talents, quests, quality of life changes, balance, etc)…in otherwords, these Q&As have historically been used as an excuse to discuss upcoming changes disguised as a Q&A.


Given how lately blizzard changes something to slow down or limit the player under the guise of a positive change this is what i expect to happen

(Kneeshooter) #366

I’ll reserve judgment until I see if its a real deal and if so, how it would be done. I do get a bit tired of seeing people getting excited before we know anything.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone else seen one of these questionnaires and can confirm the question is there? It seems a very odd sort of thing to put out there without any announcement. A “we are thinking about it” is one thing, but this purported statement says its happening. Just seems weird to me.


(Xalea) #367

Yes yes yes OP, god bless you for pointing this out. If anyone thinks Blizz is going to do anything that might stop people from buying those $60 boosts you’re living in dreamland.


The point is to reduce the time needed to get to Max level. Yes, it would be shorter. Maybe not statically but shorter none the less. They’re not just going to remove say 50 levels to just make it level 70. They’d reduce time, that’s the whole point

(Xalea) #369

And so how is this going to be any different from Classic? Will retail and Classic have the same max level? Wouldn’t that be a bit bizarre? We shouldn’t even be considering this, but this dev team is out to lunch.

(Tiekfu) #370

blizzard needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel and stop pretending they know what players want more than the players do.

(Xalea) #371

You do realize they will simply make each level require more experience points to reach, right? So say it takes 120 hours to reach level 120 currently. That’s an hour per level. If they squish down to a max level of 60, each level will take around 2 hours to reach.

In what world is that better or will encourage new players to level?

Actually I think the sheer frustration and slowness of it will encourage boost purchases. That is, if the person doesn’t just give up to begin with.


You do realize that the point of the level squish is to lessen the grind. The point is to reduce the time it takes it reach max level. They aren’t going to go 120-60 and keep the time the same.

(Baridorielor) #373

But what about the people who do understand? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I keep hearing this as if it’s being used as an legitimate argument whenever one of these pop up, Why exactly this is needed as it only oversimplify people’s problems with the current level cap? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: