Mistweaver vs Rsham in SL

What do we think of both of them? I definitely enjoy the lore and toolkit more of a Rsham, but it passively adds more considerations and difficulties than that of a mistweaver. I’m struggling to decide which one will be my “main”. Would I be more valued as a rsham as many people already play mw? Give me your views on each spec and their viability.

Wait for numbers tuning changes. Atm rshams toolkit will be really good and their healing wave/surge looks to be buffed already but I don’t think they have finished tuning numbers for mw or even rshams might get another look.

a single buff to rshams h-wave and they are good to go (IMO). I struggle in BFA to find solid/meaningful single target heals in arena.

Bring back mop rsham

Yeah I mean they look strong from what im looking at on the beta.

i dont have beta so this gives me hope!

I think with numbers tuning being about relatively equal, rsham should always be a much more well rounded healer than mw. Especially w cocoon going back to a longer cd (unless there’s a legendary/soulbind/conduit I’m missing), rsham just has so much utility, good single target and aoe throughout, and a ton of versatility in play style and comp choice.



They got buffs to their healing wave/surge and riptide. Along with water shield/earth shield baseline. Rshams will be pretty good imo

I’m thinking rsham hands down rn.