Mistweaver mastery

Why doesn’t this proc off rising sun kick and blackout kick baseline?

" When Fistweaving (using Rising Mist) you want to avoid as much Mastery as you can, because it does not interact at all with either the HoT extensions or the bonus healing that Fistweaving provides." Icy veins

Blizz devs check icy veins, I assume. What do you think they think when they read this?


This is on purpose. They do not want a way to scale the damage healing.

If mastery affected those than ranged healing would be 100% void. Mastery is the only thing allowing the ranged build to have any sense of play. FWing is already way a head.

Mastery isnt even good for ranged either

I have no idea why people keep talking about Mastery like it’s a viable stat.

Even the Wowhead guide writer listed “spot healing” with Gusts in raid as a reason to play MW. That guy is huffing so much copium/hopium that I reread that sentence three times just to be sure I didn’t misread or miss a joke.

  • We now have significantly higher ReM coverage than at any time in the past decade or so , all the way back to WoD and those ReM’s don’t proc Mastery.
  • Vivify is a more potent heal than it’s ever been because of additional cleaves on ReM targets which again means more throughput that doesn’t interact with Mastery.
  • The highest throughput CD MW has is Yu’lon which pumps huge healing through Breath and Envelopings which have poor scaling with Mastery
  • Talents like Misty Peaks, Overflowing Mists and Dancing Mists add significant throughput that again, don’t interact with Mastery at all.
  • Modern Fistweaving is in the best state it’s ever been in which doesn’t interact with Mastery at all (outside of Chi’Ji) and wants pure Crit/Haste/Vers.

The feedback I’d give to Blizzard going into DF for MW is that Mastery needs help. Either more interactions with the spec similar to the Revival change or it needs an enormous numerical buff to make it worth scaling.

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At this point they might as well make a different mastery. I mean since its random, it isnt even that effective outside of raidwide damage which is a small specific scenario, and it isnt like its even going to do much there. If they made SooM infinite and able to be channeled while moving again, we could at least scale with haste making it a good low cost aoe heal.

Im very tired of this myth of mastery being a bad stat, so let’s stomp out that rumor real quick from a m+ perspective.

Mastery as a stat is not useless in the slightest for “fistweaving”(which is an outdated term but we’ll keep it around for arguments sake here), and there’s several reasons as to why. One of the most important is how it interacts with both of our major cooldowns. For revival, it gains a bit of a punch, which it desperately needs now in a 5 man scenario, and mastery helps getting there. More importantly, Chiji takes on a whole new form when gaining any decent amount of mastery. We already saw this in season 3 of Shadowlands and the potency of call to arms. In some ways chiji rotations began to branch into sustain and burst depending on the amount of mastery you had at the given moment(burst allowing for chiji gusts to fully heal party and sustain allowing enveloping mists to take control on rot encounters).

But to many thats not enough to even consider mastery, as it doesnt contribute to damage directly or our heals that branch off from damage, chiji aside. However what it does allow is access to more dps uptime and less cast time and more mana efficiency. Of course mastery won’t help with ancient teachings maintenance but what it will allow is a faster recovery rate from needing to spot heal → back to maintenance. Once again we saw this in practice with call to arms, as the latter 12 seconds of woo allowed for bursty heals from heals that would not be potent without it.

So in reality mastery may seem like a poor choice, however because of its interactions with several portions of our kit, it’s in a good spot. And if you need any more evidence you can gladly go check out my success from s3 or mymiro’s success from s4.


I find it hard to believe that Mastery is good simply because of Revival and Chi’Ji.

Your profile is also 404’d and Mymiro has no progress from S3/S4 and is currently avoiding Mastery like the plague on his gear…

You’re missing the point. Literally nobody is saying mastery is a bad stat. In a vacuum it’s not.

But take into consideration the gains you get from other secondary stats, and Mastery pales in comparison.

The low bar for stats is Versatility. Versatility is flat damage healing and damage reduction with no special interactions or scaling for any class. It also has the highest secondary conversion rate of any stat by a substantial margin.

Any stat that pales in comparison to versatility is “a bad stat” imo.

Not that versatility is bad, but it’s sort of the baseline for what a stat should be able to compete with.

Yes but it is better than FW. Master is not that bad for ranged over FW.

I have been summoned. I’m not sure what you checked, because I have been playing actively all of Shadowlands. S3 not soooo much in regards to m+, but S4 at least at the very start - still enough to be one of the highest ranked MWs out there. And I was actively raiding throughout the whole expac.

And whatever gear you saw, that was raid oriented. I have not run a key on my monk since… August? I definitely ran a setup with 650-700 mastery baseline, because I believed that taking the bounty is wasted (way too much mastery at the end of a key, and close to none at the start. Which is bad for dungeons like Iron Docks that have really rough pulls right at the beginning.)


Its not that great either, you can legit just stack crit vers instead and take the 30% chance talent for 100% increase gusts and be better off. Stacking crit/vers/haste you can easily achieve 70k heals via unison over 6-7 seconds, its like whats the point.

Not really trying to suggest this but more just making a point;

Mastery stacking is kind of ridiculous in it’s overall healing.
1000 rating puts it around 150% SP added which means having any EF buffs out at all will make a single vivify hit for the same amount as a full cast of SooM.
Ultra-Lottery-Style degeneracy could also run as much crit with the lower stat off items and resplendent mists to dice roll anywhere between 440 and like 1200% on a single target cast.

I prefer to avoid this whenever possible.

also 1000 mastery would be pretty hard without sacrificing something else.

So far im finding directed healing to be more usefull than the random procs all over. With the random proc i just get heaps of overhealing, not that it matters when a tank can be top healing in a LFR and likely some regular fights.

hmm so stacking crit, which means neglecting stats that give you reliable and predictable increase in healing, is good according to you.

But you also dont like lottery and random procs.

I think I see something contradictory here


Since im stacking mostly crit now, the aim is 40% enough to make it less than lottery like

just stack mastery, its a lot more noticeable to healing than you think it is, and much less noticeable a loss in damage than you think it is, people are just still on the train it sucks right now, but with select elements being eliminated for example fallen order, mastery gains value again, especially when your main filler spell is vivify instead of rjw meaning you are always getting gust healing from that.

You don’t have to believe it, it’s simply just much more noticeable in what it does when you stack it than the other stats are, aside from haste, which is also because of the gcd tho, but mastery just bangs hard and I think people are still underestimating it for df.


40% crit is:

  • equal to around 6500 secondary stat points, so assuming you dont find items that have JUST crit on them (I ignore trinkets on purpose) and you somehow find yourself with an item that heavily weights crit (so ~2/3 of the stats are are crit, 1/3 whatever other secondary stat), you’d need around 9500-10000 secondary statpoints on your gear to reach this number. Given how only 2 of 5 tier set items even have crit, your other items would have to make up for this.
  • far beyond the first point of diminishing returns, so you’d even more than I just told you
  • I’m pretty sure it is straight up not possible to get one stat this high until the second raid tier of Dragonflight (similar to Shadowlands, where we only broke 40% crit in Sanctum of Domination)
  • and to quote you, also 1000 mastery would be pretty hard without sacrificing something else.… well, getting around 6500 of a stat would sacrifice a LOT more :slight_smile:
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we arent even in DF yet. I’m looking at end of xpac gears on SL