Mistweaver Macros

Hey all,

I am trying to together some macos for my Mistweaver for PvP and I am haivng problems figuring out what to do.

Macro 1:

What I want to do is bind Mana tea, followed by Way of the Crane, followed by blood fury (orc racial)

/cast Mana Tea
/cast Way of the Crane
/cast Blood Fury

is not working for me, am I doing something wrong? Also should I change the order of blood fury and way of the crane?

Macro 2:

I have no idea if this is possible, but would I be able to macro casting surging mists (a pvp talent) when I have it available and vivify when it is disabled?

Thank you!

Mana Tea and Way of the Crane are on the GCD. You can only cast 1 GCD’d ability per press and even if it’s on CD it’ll still try to cast the spell.

The pvptalent condition was removed this xpac so there’s no way to tell when pvptalents are active.

Gotcha, thanks. I don’t mind the extra key presses for the GCD, I just want to press the key and have them execute the spells in that order (I don’t want to use shift/ctrl conditional because I use that to change action bars to access other abilities.) So, I guess I can’t do that.

And since pvptalent conditional was removed I guess I can’t do a surging/vivify macro.


You can use a castsequence for the first macro then:

/castsequence Mana Tea, Way of the Crane, Blood Fury

Perfect, thank you!