Mistweaver hotfix in the works

So well said.

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Extends all essence font hots by 7 seconds. More interractive cooldown and gives room for mastery lol

The stuff he talks about i posted like 4-5 days ago on the forums. I feel stolen from lolol

I understand Blizzard is very busy, but please try to implement a change as soon as possible! Don’t have to gut that talent just bring it down in line with the other healers so the rest of us don’t feel so useless vs a good mistweaver in raid.

I’m in a low to average guild who is still working on progression, a good mistweaver with luck on haste corruption is making the rest of us look very bad and we are not having fun. Maybe bring make it competitive with rest of us so when anyone of us play well, we have a chance. Right now, good mistweavers are just playing their own rotation game while the rest of us are sharing scraps of heals leftovers.

As per some of the above people have mentioned on cap, perhaps cap env mist to be cast on 2 targets only and Renewing mist to 8 (just like glimmer) uptime is still high, Renewing mist is smart and will jump to anyone nearby injured so in that sense it’s better than glimmer already. Having Renewing Mist on full raid is also kinda broken when vivify, it’s like a revival without cooldown, so please not that.

Pardon me i’m not the best at suggestions, whatever it is, I hope you guys do a good job to let all classes (Mistweavers included) when played well, have a chance to shine too. Please do fix it quick! Tired of feeling useless in my raid.

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Here is the change we’re working on for the next scheduled weekly maintenance (April 28 in this region):

  • Rising Mist can now extend a heal-over-time effect by up to 100% of its original duration.

Seems to preserve the ramping playstyle but basically kills the haste build for sure

Now make mistweaver good in shadowlands please and thank you!


This kills the build more so than before how is this any better than the previous solution.

This kills the haste build, which was causing problems

Now you just get rid of your haste gear and play rising mist normally

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It’s almost like their goal is to kill enveloping build, but let you still have renewing mists.

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That was literally the idea though.

They don’t WANT people to HAVE to stack haste out the wazoo to be optimal.

Rising Mists will now play properly for those who like that playstyle.

ANYONE who thought the haste stacking build would stay was out of their mind. It did 4-5x as much healing in MYTHIC than other healers.


If you could still increase the spell power scaling from 0.2 to 0.3, that’d be great. We need a reason to kick if our active HoTs hit their cap.

btw this hotfix doesnt make rising mist stronger than the initial hotfix, it should make it weaker, but this version makes it usable in M+, so there’s that

would’ve been nice if the heal was buffed to 25% or 30% spell power but o well


of all the possible solutions how did you pick the next worst one?!


worthless blizzard

How do you make a bad idea ( the first fix ) and than make it even worse? You guys literally put the first idea on hold and now are going to design an even worse fix. 100% more uptime on Enveloping mist is garbage and same for Renewing Mist. Why not just cap the amount we can have out at 1 time? Do you people even use your brains? Just delete Rising Mist out of the game and forget the talent even exists. You obviously do not care about fistweaving monks and are more inclined on giving the play style to pallys. Congrats to all the monks, now go play the exciting upwelling build!

Actually better yet, go play a paladin. You’ll get more respect from blizzard.


The build is not playable at all with this hotfix. You are forced into upwelling with this change. capping the duration extension would make any monk playing this build have to reapply hots so often they would be oom. ruins the build. should have capped it like glimmer or cut envelopings healing half.

The build is certainly playable with this hotfix, here’s how:

Drop most of your haste
You can now maintain around say 5-7 renewing mists depending on your RSK resets luck
Your vivifies don’t heal for crap per 1 target since you now have a lot of crit and versa thanks to all this dropped haste
Ineffable Truth is now your best corruption, so stack it as much as you can, and hope it procs so you can have bigger peaks of renewing mists, say anywhere around 10 to 15.

Having to reapply your hots is exactly why this hotfix your made, extending hots infinitely is just degenerate and game breaking.


It doesnt just make them go forever without work slight changes can make you lose everything a cap or nerf to the healing would have been fine. Monks were already pretty awful before this build came about and are now relegated to that role.

Back to WW’ing i go :frowning: Need that 5% buff

Yes, losing your hots is a part of playing a spec that ramps into big burst windows

Welcome to current Disc priest and wod mistweaver I guess?