Mists of Pandaria: Mounts, Pets, and More

Bring back mop class design


when this hits wow vanilla we getting to ingame shop purchase spectral tigers and big blizz bears?

Crazy number of things. Kinda staggering to see all laid out like that.
REALLY praying for a chance to relive some of the content that was permanently removed with MoP though!
Fingers crossed that the Chromie Time leveling concept can be the doorway to that.
How cool would it be to be able to go back to the initial days of MoP before Garrosh blew the Vale up and do those original Golden Lotus dalies and quests again!

I hope at least it can be considered for Classic, as that is physically there on the Classic client.


i hope the same remvoed stuff from all xpacs to return with chromie time, perhaps lbizz will now listen since a green posted, Ceo’s should be mythic colors while devs are purple btw

Pandaria forever!

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Ya, my dream would be all the removed content could return via that leveling concept!


Blizzard has to do literally nothing to get me to play through Pandaria. Once Shadowlands hits, every new alt will go to Pandaria and level up completely.

I started playing WoW mid/late MoP, and by the time I finished the 85 level slog to get my first Pally into Pandaland, it literally felt like the promised land. There was so much great stuff to do! I was kept happily busy for hours a day on my farm, doing dailies for rep, running Timeless,all the while getting steadily more powerful.


This is the only expansion I own the Collector’s Edition box. 2nd favorite though, TBC was the best expansion.

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Keep the legendary cloak, I don’t want it. Just lemme see and experience the questline that was in the MOP.

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Same here. It’s a near-perfect experience. By far, my favorite expansion. I sometimes go to Pandaria just to sight-see and listen to the music. I don’t even land, just fly around.

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I wish it was easier to get things from the past.

I’ve been trying to make up for lost time with old content, but it is certainly overwhelming how much there is to do and how lonely it is because it is older content.

AKA I wish we had updated world quests we can hit daily in old zones for a chance at something.

This is actually a really good idea.

If they took the Black Market and created some sort of daily system (or maybe even weekly) and allowed us to earn currency or rep in order to get old but valued items, I think it’d be extremely popular. They sort of do this with Timewalking, but it’s not enough.

If they put the Mage class set from MoP Challenge Modes on a grind that took me a year to complete, I would still do it. That’s how much I’ve always wanted that set. I wouldn’t even care if they changed its color to separate it from the original. The set makes mages look like wizards, and it’s awesome.

I finished my rep last week, after keeping the character who used to be my main rep earner in a tent on the timeless isle for literally years so as to maintain her dmf buff.

So my long nightmare is over, but I’m not sure why they would want people even to think of the game as a nightmare.

I realize they don’t list the drop rates of the world boss mounts. They’re between 1/2000 and 1/3000 respectively, just so you all know how dirty they’ve done us all these years.

Ashwing Moth battle pet is in the mount section

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Just lemme kill Ordos… too. Sigh… Multiple achievements unrelated to the legendary quest-line locked away because of that stupid cloak.

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baiting people to buy time for shadowlands

MoP was my golden era of mmos.

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What about the Glorious Tyranny illusion for the people who have the original enchant but were robbed of the illusion because the illusion requirement was made higher than the enchant requirement 1 expansion later? :thinking: :thinking:

Corrected. Thanks!