Mistcaller on Explosive week

Don’t bother - dead key.

Thanks Blizz!

If you’re wiping to Explosive on Mistcaller you were probably going to wipe to Bolstering after.

I would love to see the explosive damage logs from runs where people say this. The groups I had that failed on this boss were all the ones where I, as the tank, had 75-80% of the explosives and the healer had the rest. The groups I had that succeeded were the ones where I didn’t need to get more than 30-40% because the dps understood that explosive is everyone’s job, especially in a situation like this. But if they expect me to run around dragging the boss from explosive to explosive during the illusion phase, that’s on them.

You’re a mage, are you taking the 3 globals you would need to handle all of the orbs at the other 3 illusions? Or are you tunneling into the illusion to phase the boss wondering why “everyone else” is letting the orbs explode?


Ask a single ranged DPS to specifically take responsibility during that phase so the rest of the group can focus the correct symbol. Don’t just say nothing and hope it gets done. This applies to most mechanics, but in particular key killers like this one.

Edit: ice lance is great!

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It’s not even a remotely difficult mechanic, people are too stupid or to worried about their DPS to care about doing mechanics.

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there really are some difficult pulls this week. mistcaller is not one of them.


Healer should be getting most if not all orbs except during times of heavy aoe like the last phase of margrave…but a lot of healers are lazy and aren’t able or don’t want to get the orbs.

They belong to the group. Yes, healers should prioritize them when they are sporadic and there isn’t an intense healing situation going on. Tanks should grab as many as they can. But the dps need to take their heads out of their (donkeys) and help. Especially on big pulls when there are lots of them spawning, or when they are spread out like on Mistcaller.

Calling it some other player’s job is when it can wipe the entire group is what causes groups to fail. The last explosive week I saw a decisive trend. Good groups, that finished on time, most dps contributed 10-20% each and the healer and I had 20-40% each. The groups that failed had me at 75-80% of explosives and interrupts and we still had exploded orbs and failed interrupts. Relying on one person to do the group’s responsibilities is a recipe for failure.


But Zothlar, I’ll lose 100 dps if I don’t cast every single skill on enemies. Afterall, my only responsibility is to fap at the end of the dungeon over the overall meter and how much better I am than the other 2 bads.


It’s not a recipe for failure if the healer is capable. I’m talking the ideal situation, if the healer isn’t able then I don’t fault them because people can only do their best and in that situation then the tank should pick up the slack and dps should only be hitting orbs in extremely rare scenarios or if the healer isn’t good at dealing with orbs.

When I’m healing I don’t want my dps hitting orbs because it means mobs live longer which means more healing and more orbs spawning. The amount of dps loss when dps are having to regularly hit orbs is actually significant. You lose more than 1 gcd per orb. It’s like overlapping kicks, you will have multiple people attempting to take them out which is dps loss for every person who tries to kill the orb.

Explosive should be a free affix if the healer is doing most of the orbs.

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This boss…Is ridiculous, always spawns across the room…Welp, as the healer i have to run over there but…What if pulsing damage starts happening… I’m talking 20+ keys not low keys either, certain dungeons i just avoid because its a headache

Pairing explosive with bolstering makes some pulls hard to worry about orbs for a healer. People need to stop with the healers are resp for the orbs crap. Dps are the most lazy and easiest class to play, and MAJORITY literally let interrupts go off because…my rotation bruh…If im not on my resto sham we usually miss a major interrupt and on a 20+ key thats a 1 shot. How about work as a grp? I did a 20 with a pug yesterday in soa and many times i could not get the orb because of damage going out, BUT you know what happened? We worked as a team and had 2 whole deaths…Its not healers resp. If anything lazy dps need to do something other then rotations because most sure don’t interrupt

I’d argue the higher the key level the MORE it’s the healer’s job. In your SOA example there are plenty of examples like the pull after 1st boss that you want dead ASAP and the optimal way to do that is for the healer to get the vast majority of the orbs. This is just objective fact that the mobs will die the fastest if the lowest dps person kills the orb.

Like I said, if the healer isn’t capable then yes, a dps hitting an orb is obviously preferable to it going off and wiping the group.

Look you’re fos end of story. I know you do some just as high and some higher keys then i do but let me tell you something, without voice its impossible to get every orb for a healer, i would love for you to prove me wrong, make a youtube video of actually getting in a pug and only do orbs, so i can laugh when you kill the key on the first big pull k? thank

I also watched a resto druid stream doing keys where she was trying to get them and heal and nobody was barely helping, guess what? Key died before first boss in gambit, so spare me the bs, you probably don’t even pug.

I get 80% of orbs and none get off in my groups and would be more than happy to make a video…but what would that prove exactly? I only pug so I invite anyone who has been grouped up with me to call me out if what I’m saying isn’t true.

I know not everyone is able but it’s what we should be striving for if you are pushing keys. It’s just like how we expect dps players and tanks to do everything they can to make the group successful. We all fall short of the ideal but it’s something we should aim for…and the healer getting the orb is the ideal in the vast majority of cases. I’ll throw in a caveat, if your group sucks at interrupting and taking a lot of damage then the healer may not be able to in those cases.

Ok, im just gonna agree to disagree because my exp has been much different then your’s with orbs. Tell me why dps cannot contribute to them? Why do dps miss interrupts all the time? Why do healers have to dps, heal, interrupt when you can aka on my shaman, cc, keep cc//While dps just do a stupid rotation and rarely even hit the interrupt on cd?

Why should healers have to do 5x more then a dps? No idea why as a healer you defend stupid behavior for dps at all unless you don’t pug and im starting to think you just don’t pug because as high of those keys you do are, if we both que with the same score and im on my shaman you are not getting an inv. So chances are you don’t even pug. I watch jdotb get declined on his druid all the time and he’s an mdi guy lol

People do not want druids in 20+ keys because…Meta, why do you think i main a druid for raid and a shaman for keys? because i want to? lmao

Dps and tanks have a lot of responsibility too, it’s just different. Yes, healers have a lot but that’s just how content is designed unfortunately.

My main is a r shammy so I acknowledge it’s much easier to get in groups on a shaman. I’ve found it’s hard on r Druid to get in a key level that you haven’t timed. It’s easier to get in a group 1-2 levels lower and just stick with that group when the key upgrades.

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If there is a slow pace of 1-2 orbs spawning at a time, then sure, the healer is the best candidate.

The trouble is, this common sense turns into the mentality that orbs belong to the healer, and when I do a big pull and we get 6-10 orbs in quick succession, I get a few, the healer gets a few, the dps tunnel damage and we wipe because “the healer failed at orbs”.

Or the situation in this thread, where orbs are spawning over a large area with pulsing group wide damage. The range dps keep slamming their ice lances into the illusion and then complain that the healer missed orbs.

Your ideal is fine in the abstract, but there are too many places in every dungeon where there are too many or they are too spread out for it to be practical, and bad players hide behind “not my job”.


The worst explosives section of all the dungeons (in my experience) are:

  • in ToP when everyone runs to LOS the ghosts in the beginning of the Kul’Thurak wing.
  • In SoA right before 3rd boss when everyone runs to LOS behind the pillar.

Someone needs to delay their run in both of these scenarios to kill explosives, and if you’re the tank you are just crossing your fingers.

How about hoa the room before the final boss…worst explosive place.