Mistakenly Exchanged Tier Token for Wrong Item (2 hours passed)

I finally did it! I got my beloved antlers off Prince Malchezaar after weeks of grinding in Karazan. It was late when we finished up and my eyes were a bit blurry. I made the mistake of misreading healing power for spell power again and grabbed the wrong tier piece… Went to bed without thinking about it. Now, a week later after I got some more pieces, I wanted to look at switching my build up and when I looked in my bank, imagine my horror when I realized I totally got the Crown of Malorne and not the Antlers of Malorne. DOH! I realize I’ve missed my window for fixing this issue in game, but I’m really hoping Blizzard can help me out and either take the crown and return the token or just straight swap me for the Antlers. I’ve submitted a ticket on this already, but I want to put up a forum post to hopefully bring some attention to it. This seems like it should be a really simple fix, I hope it can be done!

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A ticket is the only path to take here and you have done that.

Now all you can do is wait. Though i do wamt to preface there is a very strong possibility that nothing can be done here

Hard mistake i know , but they are also big into player accointability.

I do wish you the best of luck though


Aye, this is going to be a very high possibility. The developers put the timer on items for situations exactly like this. If the return timer wasn’t used, then the item won’t be refundable/exchangeable. I’m sorry!


why do items become unrefundable after equipping them? especially if its an honest mistake why couldnt a refund be issued especially if the ticket is made less than a minute after buying the item.

Because the refund option is there for if you make a mistake. Blizzard has always felt that players need to be responsible for their choices in-game. That said, they understand that honest mistakes, mis-clicks for example, happen and have a system in place to help out. However, players have tried to use such systems to “rent” gear and try it out then they want to try out a different option. That’s simply not what the system is there for.

Thankfully, as mentioned in the article linked above, there are warnings in place to help players from making such mistakes too:

To prevent mistakes, whenever an action removes the refund timer, the game will pop-up a confirmation message that you need to acknowledge and accept. For example, when you equip, enchant, upgrade, or transmog the item.


Also please be mindfull of the date this thread is a year old its better to start a new thread then necro a thread.

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if i put a ticket in for an item less than a minute after equipping it is there still any chance of getting a refund? been up 2 days without sleep and bought and equipped the gloves and didnt realize until i saw i didnt get a 2 set bonus that it was the wrong gloves

You’re certainly welcome to ask via a ticket, but generally speaking, it’s not something a GM can help with as there are safe guards in place.

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I put in a ticket, but it said average wait time is 16 days :\ first raid release is thursday so im not sure what to do

Tickets are averaging 7-8 days thats a display error 16 days.

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That will still be awhile after raid i feel like i wasted so much time grinding emblems for nothing…

This is always an interesting comment, as often people will spend a lot of time grinding, but will seemingly rush through the token redemption process.


yea after 2 nights no sleep i clicked the wrong one without noticing.

That falls on you, and that’s not really healthy.


You also clicked through the message that popped up to warn you against making a mistake.


I sincerely don’t mean this to sound mean spirited, but the flat truth? No one forced you to go two nights of sleep, no one forced you to make that purchase right then and there and no one else equipped that item. Player accountability is a thing.

Badges can be farmed and the proper piece can be purchased once you replace what was used. It’s a harsh lesson but you’ll be more attentive from here on, I hope.

I do wish you luck, but especially with ticket times as they are, you’ll likely be able to get the badges needed to purchase the proper piece before your ticket is responded to.

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Well unfotunately theres no other options as been stated the forums arent a way to bypass the ticket system i wish u luck tho.