<Mistake> Frostmourne OCE Recruiting for S4 Heroic Raids (S1 7/10M Guild Returning)

Hello readers!

I will make this right to the point. Our guild used to raid back in Season 1 SL and we managed to get to 7/10M in Castle Nathria. We had to disband due to work life eating up on practice hours and also roster issues which was quite evident for alot of guilds in SL after a few weeks into the expansion.

Our Aim in Season 4:
We have recently restarted a small raiding group to just clear heroic raids for the gear and trinkets as quickly as we can on a weekly basis as we mostly want to focus on M+. Therefore, we are looking for players who have already cleared these raids from S1-S3 on heroic so that we can progress through the raids at lightning speed each week for gear/sales. Of course, you don’t have to join our guild if you already have your own but you must have discord to receive our schedule updates.

We are currently interested in recruiting:

Raids (Requires Heroic Clears in any S1-S3, and 270+ iLvl for immediate Heroic Raids):

  1. Healers (RDruid, HPal, RSham, Priests)
  2. Any ranged DPS

M+ Push Group/Sales Team:

  1. Meta DPS (We currently have our two main dps players who play monk/hunter and mage/warlock, so we are looking for a third player to fill in as any of the above including rogue/shaman. (Should have at least 3k i.o from S3 or equivalent from before.

Raid Times:
Thurs & Sun 9pm - 11pm GMT+8 (Singapore Time)

M+ Times:
Literally any/everyday 9pm - 11pm whenever we feel like selling/pushing.

BrandyBiscuits#1686 (BNet)
BrandyBiscuits#6452 (Discord)

Please contact me for details if you think you meet our requirements to apply! We only have about 2 slots remaining since we are running a small and focused group!


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bumps! thankssssss

bumps please and thanks!

Good Day,
I am interested. 282Beast Master, 277Frost mage, 275 Resto Shaman. Pref to play my hunter if possible willing to help and learn. I have sent a discord add. 3k Last season, 4M, AOTC last season.

I am interested. Have 10/10H or 11/11H raid experience in all S1, S2, S3. For M+, Season 1 Holy Paladin io 1820 10/10H CN, Season 2 Holy Paladin io 2590 10/10H 3/10M SOD, Season 3 Discipline Priest io 3329 11/11H SOTFO. Willing to play Holy Paladin or Priest this season 4. Contact me via discord - Lion Knight#3878