Missing Things - Character Creation

  • Night elf men have the neon pink hair color that night elf women DKs have, but night elf women (non-DK) don’t have the bright pink. I just want to be sure this is something that isn’t being forgotten, and is just in-progress.

  • Blood elf women have a hairstyle with jewelry (“Tiara”) that is gold, and it doesn’t change with the rest of the jewelry when selecting a silver Jewelry Color. Silver and gold clash very badly like this, and I doubt a culture as fashionable as the sin’dorei would find this acceptable!

  • Worgen men have been given night elf-seeming ears (“Curved”) but worgen women do not have a night elf ear equivalent! Night elf worgen are an unlikely but requested option, and I figure RPers would probably appreciate the option to at least appear like a night elf worgen.

  • Another “this may be in-progress” batch of missing options rest with the human women; the new hair colors are exclusive to certain new hairstyles. Again, I just want to make sure they aren’t forgotten!

  • Alleria still has blonde hair. :wink:

There is so much being added to every playable character, many things can be missed. I may add more to this post if I remember them.