Missing locked trading post item

I could not buy the Celestial Steed and the Fury of the Firelord last month so I locked the Fury of the Firelord. I Log in today so see whats on the trading post but my Locked item is gone. Whats the point of locking something for the next month if Blizzard it just going to remove it?

Many such cases. Wait until you realize items you bought last month are missing from your collections.


Glitches are to be expected the first little while. Make sure you don’t lock anything else until you hear if it’s getting fixed as that may lose it for good even if it is fixed.

Man, that really sucks. I froze the celestial steed and it’s still there. That’s a shame and hope they can fix it for you

We believe that this is a display issue on the previously-locked item. It’s still there, but you can’t see it until we fix the bug.

We expect that once the bug is fixed, you’re going to need to log out and log back in to see the previously-locked item.


Devs making a character, putting ALL the trading post items on it and changing the month from a 2 to a 3 would have taken them all of 30 minutes to do… HIRE BETA TESTERS your PAYING customers aren’t your employees bobby!

So embarrassing to make this whole thing to try and keep players paying only to have the entire thing blow up in less than 30 days jeeeeezeussss


Bug, bug, bug, bug, bug, bug. Nice.

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ah yes but they had a whole month of testing it to figure the glitches out during PTR

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You’ve been around long enough to know that you don’t catch every glitch on beta/PTR before going live.

maybe for blizzard


Or pretty much anyone, in any industry.

Hasn’t this been the main feature of this expansion? Hey we’re releasing a new patch next month, so get ready for the game to be unplayable for a week while we use live servers to beta test.


hard disagree not many other games ship content full of glitches and also with glitches like disappearing collection appearances thats been a problem since 2 years ago

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Truth, you can expect this with just about everything they put out now.

They don’t have the peeps to properly test it internally so they just do it and hope for the best. (The best never happens)


Actually this has become the norm for big game companies now to send out a half done rush product than apologize, and roll out patches.

Why loose money on beta testing and months of development? Not when you can charge full price and let your players do half the work for you.

So, since prepatch this has been a regular thing with pretty much everything in Dragonflight.

Are their plans to hire more QA internally or are you just going to continue to use your monthly subscribers to do all the testing?

I’m genuinely curious and would love a response.


you get to pay to test the game for them.

you should be getting paid instead


They call it open beta, and advertise it has a privilege to test their game for them.

Because most games simply release a new entry and have you start with a clean slate, I’d imagine.

That said, it’s not the kind of thing other games are entirely free from. Pokemon literally just had an issue where triggering the recent event without doing the right steps would result in you catching a Bad Egg that acts as a permanent, non-interactable brick in your party/PC box, instead of a Legendary.

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Glitches like this are not acceptable, it should of been tested a little more aggressively to make sure this kind of crap doesn’t make it on live.

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