Missing Dungeon Loot

My boyfriend and I did a mythic + 15 on his paladin, Rahzahan. I got the loot but he got kicked out of the dungeon area and has not had his loot mailed to him, nor did he get to open his chest for the dungeon. It’s been a few days now, I asked earlier this week what would happen and was told that it would be mailed.
So we waited a couple days and it still has not arrived in his inbox.
So… What’s up??

You boyfriend will need to submit a ticket.



Opening a ticket would be the correct way to get this reviewed.

Please keep in mind that if the Game Master team is unable to determine that their character is eligible for loot then they may not be able to grant the request.


What do you mean if you’re unable to determine if they’re eligible for loot for a mythic + dungeon?
Like, you’re going to try to say he didn’t do it?

Out of curiosity, what does his Mythic Dungeon Tab say for completed dungeons this week? Does it show the 15 completed?


Like if he was removed from the dungeon before the final boss was defeated there may not be a record of their eligibility.

Generally speaking, if the in-game features do not function as expected then there may be an issue with the events being recorded in the logs. The logs are what the Game Master team must use to verify reports and distribute loot/provide restorations.

I just wanted to make sure an appropriate expectation was set when opening a ticket. Making the request does not always guarantee that it will be granted.


So, even if I we were at the chest at the same time when he got kicked out you can tell him that he wasn’t there when the boss was defeated?

Yeah, his mythic dungeon tab recognizes he will receive his weekly chest tomorrow.

That’s not what Kal said. He said that if your boyfriend was kicked before the boss died, it may not be possible to get the loot.

At the end of the day, every situation is unique and it will depend completely on what the system logged at the time. That’s what a GM will look into for him.


And that’s not what I said though. I said we were at the end chest at the same time, and then his toon suddenly disappeared from the dungeon. (He says there was a mage portal he accidentally took.) His weekly chest is set for a 15 tomorrow, and that’s the only Mythic we’ve done this week.

You referred to your boyfriend as being “kicked” in your original post. Typically when we hear that here in the CS forums, it’s referring to being forcefully removed by a group leader or via vote-to-kick (which wouldn’t apply here). When really he wasn’t kicked, he clicked on a portal and ported himself out.

That’s likely why Kal was just giving you an example of a reason they might not be able to help. I don’t think that he meant it as what had actually happened in your scenario.


I wasn’t aware of what had actually happened, I saw his character disappear. There was no group that I was aware of at this time to be kicked from.