Missing credit for boss kills on quest Crossing Fate

I have killed 6 bosses in LFR this week on one character and only have credit for 5/30 on the quest and on another character I have killed all 10 bosses, first 7 in heroic and the last 3 in LFR and I’m only at 9/30 on the quest. I think it’s Sludgefist that it’s happening on, but I could be wrong. Happy to provide more information if needed.

It was patched today. Have you gone back to Oribos?

[NA Realms] “Crossing Fate” quest credit should now accurately reflect the progress that was made. To receive the missing credit, affected players will need to log into the game and enter Oribos before next week’s weekly raid reset.


Sorry, I had to remove the “Solution” tag. It’s still a problem. I’ve logged out of the game, left Oribos and then returned on both characters and they are both still 1 boss short of what I’ve done. I’ve now completed 10/10 LFR on the first character listed above and only showing 9/30 for the quest.

You would need to file a bug report to let them know it is still happening.

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7 days later and it’s still happening. 19/30 on my priest after clearing Sanctum. Started at 10/30 this week, so it was def a sanctum boss, no idea what boss is missing.

Yeah, I’m still at 7/30 after last week’s Nathria, despite having done all 10 bosses. I’ve entered Oribos many times since, and that never updated and fixed it.

Pretty sure we’re screwed. The hotfix said to login to Oribos before the reset and I didn’t get to since I have a full time job and didn’t notice the issue until today. I’m really frustrated because you’d something like this would be more widely announced so people can get a chance to actually receive the benefits of their supposed “fix.”

Still same issue, completed sanctum, didn’t get credit, think it was Sylvanas. Left oribos, came back, logged out, back in, left oribos, came back, still 19/30

Yep same issue here today, quest still giving this bug, the alleged hotfix is not working.

I really hope they do something. This really is frustrating. 19/30 and tried their fix and still hasn’t fixed. I should be 20/30