_**ministry of death [arugal] [nz/aus] [horde]**_


We’ve been around awhile, originally formed as a BF1942 guild we moved on to Vanilla Wow and now Classic. Our goal in classic is to clear all raid content in an efficient manner while maintaining a relaxed & fun atmosphere. We have a great community feel and hold regular guild events. If you’re looking to transfer we’ve got a home for you =)

We’re LFM 40’s-60’s to help level and looking at rounding out our main raid as we build towards BWL. We’re open to discussion for all classes – full on Rogues though (unless casual). Especially need Warlocks and shamans.

Loot Rules: DKP fixed prices + decay (specific items will be loot council, bindings etc).

Raid Times: Wed/Thur, 2030pm – 2330pm NZ time (6.30pm – 9.30pm SVT)

We expect all of our members to be respectful of all team (and in general), show up with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn, and put in 100% effort.

Apply on Discord or feel free to have a chat with Zulti, Kriegabaddon, Jav ,Munchkin, Maxipad, Pogs or Kett.