Mind sear is bad

I must say I do not like this as a spender. It just feels horrible to press. and horrible to build insanity in aoe to use this.

I really think mindsear should be a builder and shadow crash should be the spender.


Whichever dev at blizz who thought this was a good idea needs to wake up.


Sear as a spender is fine. It just has to actually do damage.


We don’t need a special button for uncapped aoe spending if there’s a talent to let dp ghosts do it. It’s inelegant.

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By that logic we should of kept Searing nightmare.

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No? Searing Nightmare sucks because it requires 3 GCDs of channelling to get value, and is spammable to the extent that it overtook your whole rotation.

In an ideal world Dragonflight aoe will involve applying dots (shadowcrash), proccing psychic link and whatever other talents you have, and then dumping insanity every few spells with sear, the same way you dump insanity with DP on single target.

It’s just a problem if damage is tuned wrong such that mind spiking or mind flaying into psychic link is more damage than actually searing. Or if you have so much or so little insanity that you can’t spend it at a comfortable rate.

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On 4 targets? Sure. On 10+ targets? Have fun being miserable.

Well hopefully that’s where stuff like Idol of N’zoth fills the gap, but I do agree that there will be a weak spot there if you can’t generate insanity any faster on 10 targets than you can on 4 targets. Uncap dark void and buff pain of death? Idk.

If shadow crash put VT on 8 targets it would be fine


No thanks. I don’t want to have to pump 2 30 second cooldowns to just to lace up some dots.

Shadow crash 8 targets with VT. Misery solo node. Get rid of dark void (button bloat gone bye). We already spend way too much time ramping up dmg as is.

Mind Sear seems fairly weak for 3-5 targets, decent in 5-10, but in mass AOE (10+) it seems good. Especially when considering supporting talents.

FYI, Dark Void now always has the same cooldown as Shadow Crash now that both are reduced by haste. At 25% haste you should be able to cast both every ~24 seconds.

Sear needs about 15 targets to be better than psychic link mind blast/mind spike with mindbender and SFP

Give it to disc priests. Shadow can have holy nova


No. Nobody wants holy nova. Except for that one guy who uses it to find stealthies in rbgs instead of 5heading a psychic scream on guessing their pathing.

Every priest spec has button bloat, and they said they would address it, but they have not. Removing shadowmend for flash heal isn’t solving button bloat, unless they keep the current tuning cause then I never cast flash heal as shadow, I’ll go OOM, so I’ll take it off my bars. Great job Priest Dev Inc.

Having 3 frigging spells for AOE is button bloat. Why do they think we need shadow crash, dark void and mind sear to tackle aoe? .

Condense those (I vote for dark void, no travel time, 8 targets, applies VT/Pain). Remove mind sear, bake back 60% psychic link and allow DP to link.

There, I just saved everyone 2 buttons.

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I don’t really think that’s the right way to look at it. In practice, when it comes to mass aoe, it’s really more than Sear. It’s more like Sear + Idol of N’Zoth vs psychic link mind blast/mind spike with mindbender and SFP, because if you take SFP + Orb + Spike build you won’t have enough talents to take N’Zoth, which is doing crazy damage right now…especially in mass aoe.

The tests you’ll see - like from this post - leave that out (they also don’t test Sear with Screams of the Void or Encroaching Shadows, so they are leaving out a lot of damage caused by Sear).

So the question isn’t “is Sear beating these other 4-5 spells.” I wouldn’t expect it to. The question is, does Sear find a way to empower a build to do competitive damage.

Psychic Link is easy to take with any build, so for me it really comes down to a build that uses Sear/N’Zoth vs SFP. I’ll take Sear and N’Zoth for 10 or more targets, for sure. And it would probably do just as well on 5. But in a dungeon that has on average 3-5 targets, I’d take SFP and not use Sear.

It did have some enhancements for sear on that log, but still, sear as a spender is ridiculously boring and malfunctioning. And we can take SFP with N’zoth, though tuning will need to happen.

Right, you can take SFP with N’Zoth. You just can’t take N’Zoth along with SFP if you are also including an Orb + Spike build along with it.

But yeah, tuning will likely change things. I anticipate N’Zoth will be nerfed a bit and Sear buffed a bit.

In fact you can take those too, that’s how messy the tree is…

Mind sear feels like shot and I’d rather proc 2 ghosts spamming DP (and getting bigger mind blasts links cause you got that ire from going Nzoth anyways) than waste my time on that.
It doesn’t empower anything, it makes it feel like a drag to even press this thing. This is a gameplay problem, not a tuning problem.

Mind sear spender is the new cast while channeling spender shot ability.

Aside from first week when people gear, No One is pulling just 5 mobs. Ever.

As seen in the season we are currently in, this just isn’t true. There are a lot of dungeons, especially old ones, that force small pulls.

Ex: GD, Work, upper Kara, ID (in some sections), streets