Mind Control in M+?


In past expansions I always remember having key moments where Mind Control came in handy in 5mans, but in Shadowlands I haven’t found one yet.

Does anyone have any notable mobs for me?


Unfortunately at the moment there’s nothing really useful you can mind control and you wouldn’t be doing it during keys as it slows things down.

Hm… guess what I was referencing is in the past there were a couple key points where a mob had a beneficial spell you could use on the party that was a major power play!

There are in the tunnel before Hakkar at DOS, I think. A tank the other day wanted me to MC one of the mobs. Unfortunately, I am not sure which. The rest of the group would not have it and just brute forced the mobs down before I had my chance.

Can use MC on mobs with inspiring and jump them off a cliff

It won’t count towards % though.

HoA use can mind control mobs and use the curse on his fellow friends.

Its useful on elites in a group around smaller adds during bolstering, MC > nuke smaller adds and release it then kill it. Too much complication though you wont need it if someone know not to break traps.

I did this before and the entire party was teleported off the cliff and died.