Mike Ybarra will make WOW great again

Right here:

The individual shards still work in 9.2. Zereth Mortis, for example.

So the Icy Veins post is fake news?

Well if they haven’t done it yet, we’ll have to see. I can tell you that right now, individual shard bonuses absolutely work in Zereth Mortis. Set bonuses do not. If they actually change that, c’est la vie.

The set bonuses will still work in SoD raid , the Maw and Torghast . Just not in dungeons, pvp and 9.2 content,

People selling the boost aren’t the problem .

People looking to be boosted are .

Sellers are just fulfilling a service that is in demand by other players.

That’s the not Shard tooltip nor is it the topic.

Didn’t read the link did you ?

Let me help you real quick :

Yeah. I get it. Supply and demand.

I just won’t be surprised if the next expac will have increased boosting and token sales because of systems and mechanics are made in the game to prey on the playerbase.

Would it be mikes fault? We will never know for sure. I’d assume so.

It’s just a speculative opinion.

I don’t know why people like you come on here to irritate people.

Go get laid or something.



Yes, they’ll just send checks to Mythic raiders to make sure they gatekeep harder to sell more carries. Just watch them!

It’s fine. You’re choosing to not understand. Have a good one.

I mean you didnt think that old borrowed power would be usable in new content ?

You’re not making any sense at all.

Carries isn’t something Blizzard has control over.

How would it be his fault. Boosting was in the game way before he ever worked for Blizz.

And your opinion is assuming the false premise that Mike is making any design, direction, or development decisions for WoW.

Some people want every possible advantage.

If they weren’t disabled for 9.2 content, the shards with shield, speed, etc. could be used for M+, therefore causing some to farm mythic SoD for higher ilvl gear.

Ion better do what he says!

Square Enix and FF14 have already addressed it due the increasing services which likely came with the exodus of WoW-players:

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I wouldn’t call him a “tryhard”. My personal definition of a “tryhard” is someone who decides to “just try harder” to improve. But because they are doing something fundamentally wrong, it doesn’t help much if at all.

My feeling is that Mike and Ion are on the same page, which means that nothing will change in the development philosophy of the game.

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That doesn’t hold water because you don’t get the Dom Bonus in M+ now.

So you’re saying in S3, people are going to farm a legacy piece of gear, then farm a legacy gem, for a (sic) i245-250 piece of gear, when 270+ is going to be available? Nope.

And if you’re saying any one of the Dom Gems themselves gives some sort of advantage… people have that advantage now. It’s not breaking the game.

There was a point made earlier that I think had more truth to it, but the bottom line still stands: no one was really going to bring Domination Gems into 9.2. Having to “deactivate” them was a non-issue.