Migration with no horde on the server

Hi Dev,
I recently took that migration from Faerlina to Incendius. I really wanted to live that TBC moment again, but after I took that migration do to the very long que and DDOS problems I felt like that is what I need to do. That way I can relive the TBC era and get to play that moment again. As I reach Incendius I noticed that I was pretty much the only person there and ask the chat why there was not any horde. They told me welcome to the abyss and that it was a major majority ally server. Why would that even be an option to transfer too? There is no way that a character migration will fix a major majority server population. Only a complete server migration would fix that. Now I have to wait 3 months, because customer service can not fix a free migration. Please dev’s can you reset my server change cooldown so I can play with my hunter. Next time I will make sure to look up the realm statistics.

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Ye this server is a joke. They told me you gotta get the community try to get heard…Its prolly 20+ alis to 1 horde…Try to make a ramparts grp will take you 2hours finding a tank

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I know. They should allow us to transfer out, but yet customer services basically says we cant help you, but enjoy the 3 month stay and waste of two years put into the character.

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Its worse actually… Much much worse than 20-1. I think its about 96-4 ratio, give or take. Orgrimmar is always a ghost town, dont throw your gold in the AH trying to sell stuff because ur just wasting deposit money that you wont get back. Have fun questing when theres about 7-8 alliance in each questing zone ur at where theres a 50% chance they’ll kill you.

Your best bet is dungeon grinding. You’ll never make gold off the auction house since gathering profs doesn’t matter here. People cant buy stuff off the auction house if they themselves are not making any gold as well. Only quests and farming mobs is the real option. Incendius has to be the worst server for horde atm, I’d be glad if someone can prove me otherwise though.

Also, can we upvote this post so blizzard might actually notice? And… God forbid they actually make an effort to attempt to enhance our player experience?

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There are no good servers, each one offer’s it’s own unique experience

After nearly transfering off I’ve actually come to love this servers… “unique”-ness

There is no new content here, but the adversity created by imbalance is it’s own game. Something to plan out, prepare, and then have said plan fall apart.

The content has already been cleared anyways, this is like playing WoW on max difficulty.

I initially felt that way as well, but when there is no economy, I can’t make any gold for all the stuff I farmed for for hours. I moved back to Faerlina and made 400g almost immediately when I put my stuff on the auction house. I’d like to buy my flying epic once I ding 70. Gl once you get to outland, you can only quest at certain times assuming you dont want to get camped and constantly die. You’re a lot braver than I am :slight_smile: And I love it when a game is hard, but it was just inconvenient being barely able to play the game.

Yeah. This is my response to “get active in the community”. Go upvote it!

Hey Chiro good to see you. While I agree with your post I want to add my voice to you and what everyone is saying : Blizzard needs to stop sitting on their $ss and fix the problem with factions imbalance on servers. We pay a huge amount of money each month/year and have our gameplay completly ruined by their lack of actions AND especially their greed. They want us to purchase transfers out of here. They want us to pay them more money than we already do and its unacceptable, and shameful on their part. Blizzard has lost its ways as a company and should feel ashamed by how they treat their (us in this case) customer. Stop milking us and fix the damn problem

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As an Alliance player who was here before all the Horde left, we would welcome you back with open arms. It was nice seeing Halaa Horde controlled this morning for the first time since launch.

Only two people captured it last night. In the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully it gets more active soon. Cheers!

They dont care.

As an Ally on the server, we really want the horde back! Give me a reason to go and fight over spots in the world again :slight_smile:

Yay they freed me thanks blizzard!

So they removed the cool down on your transfer or gave you a transfer back or somewhere else?