Might resub, feeling bored

You might remember me from about an hour ago when I was panicked cause I couldn’t find out how to work a discord bot. Now I need help because if I come back to the game, I might want to dip my feet into mythic dungeons and I need to find a guild that runs them regularly. Since I was made aware of the fact that my search for a full RP guild won’t yield much results in the content field of things.


Any guilds that focus hopefulyl on both RP and content, but if a guild does mostly mythic content with light RP that would be fine too, feel free to contact me on discord. KatieJ#7855

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Don’t do it! It’s a trap!


Thank you for the feedback. I quit BFA cause yeah the story isn’t all that, not really. But I’m a roleplayer at heart, and I can make my own story and I want to try to give the actual content a shot.

8.3 is meh. Some people love it, many hate it. Content is repeat WQs and old dungeons to get rng gear that is op then destroy everything.

And rp is here but not active as many would like. Your Horde, so you may have better luck then Alliance in rp lot.


came back after being gone since legion. it’s okay i guess. i don’t not like it so far!

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I think my first try I got bored of just RP. I am gonna try to mingle RP and content. What guilds are available that do both. Preferably mythic dungeons to start. Maybe raiding later. But no elitism. I want a friendly to newbies atmosphere. I won’t put up with shouting anymore. I can’t take the stress.

Visions are interesting in 8.3. The rest is a whole lot of same old same old

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Check out…

It’s regularly updated and includes a lot of guilds. Not just RP guilds either! There are a lot of laid back, newbie friendly guilds focusing on casual RP/Content, especially those that prioritize a stress free environment for people who might have anxiety- or just don’t ever want to put up with that crap again.

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There is content.

There is debate over whether it is content worth doing.

This is sort of like the Sizzler of expansions: it’s technically food, but the chances of getting e. coli are risky.

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I don’t think that guild thread is very up to date, the Grim thread seems to be over a month old and I don’t even know if they are active anymore.

I just went through each listing and contacted the groups whose forum posts are inactive in-game to make sure they’re still active and recruiting. Not everyone is big on using the forums so I’m trying to do that at least once every 6 months!


Also, if you ever post in a guild thread and they don’t seem to update it much, you may be better off just whispering someone in-game! Good luck!

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