Might of the Scourge (Naxx enchant AP bug)


I tested the shoulder enchant dropped by Sapphiron on PTR called “Might of the Scourge” and sadly there’s a bug with it that it does give the correct 1% crit but the 26 AP bonus is considered as Melee Attack Power and my hunter did not gain any Ranged AP from enchanting my shoulders with it.

Just wanted to point that out here as well as the bug report I submitted in PTR.


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Thanks for the report! We’ve fixed this for 1.13.6 and Might of the Scourge should work with Ranged Attack Power as expected when Naxxramas is released early next month.


Thanks for some replies around here! FINALLY! Now, dont stop! press the back button & Keep scrolling down and keep replying. Do what we want you to do in the bug report forum and what you know you should do doing! THANKS.

This level of service raises an eyebrow…

Did I accidentally step into 2006?

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