Second Year: 2020 Blue Flame Edition

Last year was a wonderful experience thanks to all the help and support found in the Moon Guard Community. It was meant to be a one-time event. However, it was such a success, I am asking everyone to come out and RP together again. I know what you are all thinking. 2020 has been a variable train wreck, but that won’t keep us from trying to have fun, right? So here is the information below:

:fire: Midsummer Masquerade :fire:

Where: Legion Dalaran

When: Sunday, June 28th @ 7:30om Moon Guard Server time

Who: Everyone is invited to this event. Alliance, Horde, and Neutral Rpers. If your character isn’t big with the other factions, Dalaran provides a safe zone for your RP in Greymane’s Enclave and Windrunner’s Retreat! The rest of the city is open to RP as well!

More and updated information can be found at:

Tinyurl. com /MidsummerMasquerade

I update this frequently and still have errors. I’m trying. <3

There is a Discord Server: discord.gg/hsfY5p3

The plan for this event is purely for RP, and nothing is mandatory.

:star2: It is a Masquerade, Fire Theme (Blue is the theme color for the event, but wear what you want), Transmog and a Mask description in TRP would be appreciated!

:convenience_store: During the event, there is an effort being made to fill the shops with Merchant Rpers! If you would like a shop or know someone who does, the event link has a listing of the ones we have open. The Discord has a section for all of that as well.

:carousel_horse: A Parade! Mount up and do three circles around the city on your favorite mount. You worked hard for it, time to show it off!

:dancer: Runaway Theater Troupe will be hosting a Performers! Sign up your Story, Poems, Dancing, Song, and various other talents in the Discord. We will be happy to get you on the list! :open_book:

And Ending with a Fireworks show off Krasus’s Landing.

:firecracker: :boom: :confetti_ball: :firecracker: :boom: :confetti_ball: :firecracker: :boom: :confetti_ball: :firecracker: :boom: :confetti_ball:

:star::star:Other notes. This is an RP event. RP must come first. Making RP connections is important part of this event. So come ready to make new friends and run into old ones.:star::star:


Whoo! This was tons of fun last year. Om Nom Noodles will be in the café again this year with fire festival foods and drinks to try!

:fire::meat_on_bone::ramen: :leafy_green: :curry: :dumpling:

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Yus. Horde, too.

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Must go shopping / mog hunting.

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yay! excited to vend here and see friends. added to the mg/wra calendar! :bouquet:


Much Appreciated!

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Looking forward to this!


Bump for my Maid of Honor. <3 Love ya Seasen <3

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I will try and make this this year.

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Can’t wait for this event! :sparkles:

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To the top with this epic event! POOF! IT’S THERE! <3

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I had -so- much fun last year! Hopefully Masquerade will behave this year. No promises though :wink:

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A little over a week away, so I thought I would nudge a reminder.

puts on fire crown. robes, and awesome shoulders and skips around singing happily

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Bumping the thread and wondering if the rumors about a change in date/time are true? Looking forward to the event!

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so excited! and it’s Dalaran (Legion) - Sunday, June 28th @ 7:30 (MG Server Time).

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June 21st? Um… we’re a little past that now aren’t we?

I believe they meant June 28th, as advertised in the original post.

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oh woops! corrected. it’s tomorrow!

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