Midsummer Fires - not reset

Yep. None of the bonfires or NPC quests at the camps are available for me on any character. I even checked my paladin that was made this year and there weren’t any available. No idea whats going on and I was looking forward to this.

Oddly, the ONLY one that was available to me for my faction was Hellfire Peninsula, which I absolutely know I did last year because at that time it was the only Outland one I could access on my mage. But it was available for me on both characters this year. No others except the opposite faction ones, because I didn’t do that last year because pvp. The whole thing just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Yea I had only Mulgore available to honor and I know I did them all last year so it is very bizarre!

They are not reset, and this needs to be hotfixed ASAP.


Yeah all my mid summer fires out in the world are not reset from last year.

It’s a bug, and it’s been tricky to fix.

But we’re working on it and we hope to have a solution soon.


Damn, CMs are out in force. This is exciting!

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YAY thank you for the reply! I don’t mind waiting as long as I know it’s actually not supposed to be that way, lol.

They’ve only had a year people, let’s cut them some slack.


Thank you for the update on this Kaivax.

Well … it’s visible now, but …

While you’re at it, can you get a head start on Brewfest and Hallow’s End? I’ve got a sneaking suspicion those are gonna be broken - again - this year, too.


Truly appreciate the reply Kaivax!

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Any estimated time frame for the fix?

So that’s why i can only honor/desecrate less than half of Outland. Hope they will fix it soon

Yes. We’re currently testing a fix that will require realm restarts. We prefer to do “off-peak” restarts whenever possible, so that’s usually early-morning hours in each region.


Usually items that have a lot of different variables and only appear for a short period of time have weird errors.

Again, probably why this same problem occured in tbc/wrath before getting a fix in 2009.

Thanks for fixing this.

Thanks for the update Kaivax!

basic campfire has eliminated the competition. you might even say…it’s on fire!