Midday Oblivion is recruiting

Midday is recruiting and welcoming all classes and specs! Older folks who enjoy socializing and playing the game. Looking for active M+ and Raid ready healers and DPS! Weekly events, active and welcoming. 21+ only.


When does the guild normally raid? Thanks in advance.


We raid 8pm est Friday and Saturday. We only plan to run normal with a handful of heroic bosses as of now but that may change depending on raid difficulty and the pulse of the members.

We are solid on main tanks but would love a dps spec to off tank if one of the main tanks aren’t able to attend a raid.

As for heals and dps, we will fit you in as all classes are accepted.

Free free to hit up anyone in game to ask for an officer to chat with you.


This is a great guild with a bunch of great people! <3


Bump drom the Dragon Isles!

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Bumping this post. The guild has been super active with DF. We had our first raid last night and it was a blast not to mention dropping two bosses :slight_smile:

Come check us out! You won’t be disappointed.


We are active! This is an amazing guild with a lot of incredible people.
Honestly the best guild I have ever been part of :grin:


I’m currently out of town and won’t be able to DM or mail anyone in-game. I’d love to know more if possible! Are you all strictly PvE? Do you have some people that like to dabble in both and are PvX?

Savitri mentioned that you all raid at 8 EST so I can only assume that a majority of players, or at least that fill the officer core are east coast players?? How social are you guys? is it strictly in-game chat? Discord? a mix of both?

Feel free to message me on Discord as I’m going to be replying much quicker than on here. Thanks!

Discord: Kozra#9534

I sent you a friend request in Discord.

We seem to have players from all time zones but most are from east or central. Discord is pretty active so the social aspect of the guild is both in game and discord.

We were running about 5 events per week but lessened that with DF so folks could delve into it but should return to more events soon. Events can be m+, raid, mount runs, transmog runs, transmog contests, etc. We really don’t have organized pvp or rp but some members partake in it.

The guild has a very casual feel but we get things done.

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Its honestly a great guild, people are very friendly and nice. If you like world questing, weekly content or running dungeons from 10am PST to 10pm PST (a lot of users are EST based though) there is almost always someone online to do stuff with or to help if you need it. Raids happen on the weekend and sometimes though out the week people pvp, So its a huge range of stuff people are running weekly.

There almost always daily activity as people are active running Mythic keys low, mid or sometimes high keys and there is a discord. So feel free to stop by and say hello, group up and run a dungeon but the main point is to have fun and enjoy the game and the company of others.

Come join us! We’re a fairly casual raiding guild but we run it each week. My favorite Guild I’ve been a part of in fifteen years due to the core group of characters in charge.

The Bramble Gambles are pretty top tier. Gambling away your life savings while drawing things in the water with ducks is a hell of a way to spend the night.

I’d be interested in joining. Applied in-game.

With /who not working very well, applying in game guild finder is the way to go. Make sure to add a short note about yourself.

We look forward to new friends joining the guild!


A great guild that almost always has folks online. We do questing/dungeons/raiding/discord games/in-game events and make you feel like you’re part of a family.


Great guild! Raid runs every Fri and Sat and we have Last Chance Mythic Mondays, and will run older content for mogs/mounts. Everyone has a great ‘work together’ vibe that I enjoy immensely!


The only thing missing from this GEM of a guild is you!


Come and join us! We’d love to have you!

Guild is incredibly active with a lot of events every week. Discord is also active with members chatting and working together!