Microsoft buying Activision

They will report to Phil Spencer so yes.


Goodbye million dollar bonuses for Bobby Kotick.

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This guy is on fire !!

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This is MASSIVELY bad news for WoW. Just ask anyone that played Asheron’s Call.

Asheron’s Call was the MMO I played before WoW. It was developed by Turbine, but it was distributed/ owned by MS.

And MS policy was obvious: TAKE all of the money/profit, but put ABSOLUTELY NOTHING back in to it.

And the moment they sucked every last dollar out of it, they cut it loose.

I’m in no way discounting all of the flaws AC had, it’s not like Turbine had a perfect vision that was hamstrung by MS. But it’s a fact MS never spent a DIME to promote it, never did anything to help develop it at all. And that was at the time there were only 1-2 other MMOs on the market, the market was free for the taking.

Microsoft DOES NOT CARE. This is a TERRIBLE sign of things to come for WoW. ;(

God I hope so. The only reason I want a PS5 is for Ghost of Tsushima. I was tempted to get a $199 PS4 to play it, but then I heard it was 30fps.

I’ll just wait for Sony to give in and port it to the PC.

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I don’t see him lasting, since it was Phil Spencer that called him out on his actions as CEO.


Microsoft’s hands are clean. They can do what it takes to clean up the current mess. Or not. Either way it should be at least somewhat entertaining.

You realize this does seem to be already the trend at Activision Blizzard, right? So, no changes?


Hope they get rid of him later too

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This is where I’m at. Please let it be good, because if this nonsense goes worse than it already is, we’re screwed.


nobody is buying anything. one company is “selling out”, that’s the crux of it

… when they bought minecraft they added in a ton of extra stuff with store and other junk … they essentially kitchen sinked the game throwing in a ton of crap …

this idea phase was super super disruptive … while it did give this sort of low-grade murmur of attention for a while the game became more and more less recognizable as what it was …

this approach does not sound great … how many of us are looking forward to an expanded store … distracting player housing … and pay2win … more gambling boxes? and a million other ideas which make warcraft unrecognizable …

not me.

I’d argue that minecraft only “became great again” when it got re-released in a more player controlled vanilla-ish java minecraft. But minecraft is a lot more resilient than warcraft … at the heart of it, it’s a much simpler idea.

warcraft is far more fragile.


Like, sales to actually own the game outright? One of my only hangups with GamePass is not owning the games on there, and the potential they could be removed at any point then I can’t play the game I invested time in unless I buy it outright.

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Kotick is most likely just staying for the transition

You’re assuming he doesn’t get the most out of the buyout :stuck_out_tongue:

Im crying tears of joy ! Wow on console it will happen mark my word !


People don’t seem to get that the current top tier MMO, FFXIV, works well already on consoles and PC. ESO also works on both (though keeps the players separate).

Just like once upon a time FFXIV looked to learn from and emulate the good parts of WoW, now WoW desperately needs to look up to its superior and start looking at what they are doing right and get to emulating it to survive oblivion.

Microsoft owning Activision and Blizzard can only be good even if it only dilutes the current leadership. We seriously have the worst current set of leaders imaginable. The bad news is that it still isn’t likely to do a full 180 and indeed will even double down on some of the worst aspects like e-sport focus. WoW will truly never return to what it used to be and I don’t see life getting any better for the solo casual and non competitive types.

I also imagine Kotick’s days are numbered. He’s staying on for now officially but I can all but guarantee he knows as well as MS and most anyone else at those levels that it is just a formality and a transition period.


If you’re a Blizz fan you should be worried as this is the entire portfolio that was sold. Microsoft wants CoD and Candy Crush, but has to take Blizz with it.

I’m thinking we’re about to see a ton of layoffs at Blizz and the axe coming down on teams.

The God of War port is really good on PC. Do give that game a try :slight_smile:

I am so grateful that Ragnarok is coming on ps4 too

Finally can see the conclusion of Norse saga without having to buy a new console

The Microsoft from 1999 is not the same Microsoft in 2022.

Activision-Blizzard will report directly to Phil Spencer, who is heavily invested in live-service titles and has made a remarkable difference on the company’s gaming division.


The $1 is monthly sub. You can purchase games and own them, and if you have an active game pass sub each game will cost less to purchase.

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Activision Blizzard were the pantheon for decades and now Microsoft is just gonna show up like the Jailer out of nowhere. By the way the boss of Xbox wants cross platform banning so if you get banned for something in say Halo, that means he’d want you banned in WoW too.