Microsoft buying Activision

Starcraft first/third person shooter coming one day? lol only thing i can think of.

There’s no way his job isn’t made as hellish as possible until he “resigns”.


For now.

I see him making a quiet exit after the transition is complete.


Glad to see it. Microsoft took their L during the xbone/ps4 gen, and used that experience to make their current gen a success. Maybe Sony will learn from this and do more for the PS6.


I didn’t know they owned Bethesda too :open_mouth:

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I think this is good. The issues have been with the CEO and blizzard management, both ethically and designwise. Hopefully both of these issues are rectified by Microsoft, but the deal won’t be till 2023.

There are some concerns about anti-trust though per CNBC, which means the deal could always fall through

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Wonder if the upper levels are going to have an even bigger “idgaf” attitude now

Good catch. That’ll be an interesting development. Will we have cross overs finally? How will competition look?

I know very little about this kind of stuff.

Kotick will be in there for a transitional period – likely he will “retire” within a year, once the SVPs in Seattle have downloaded from his brain everything they are interested in.

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Yeah, game pass works for PC as well.

It has most of the Microsoft, EA, and Bethesda games on it already

This makes it an even better deal

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They’re soaring atm.

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I feel we are going to see more Sony games on PC now (please Sony, release bloodborne on pc)

But yes…I plan to buy Xbox series x instead of ps5 this time

Game pass deal is too good to pass

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Lost Vikings Co-Op Battle Royale Mine Craft Remastered soon?

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Obviously some of Act-Blizz will become Xbox, most obvious Call of Duty…

I don’t think World of Warcraft gets ported… But it does go GamePass.

To be fair the acquisition from last year seems to have been a breath of fresh air for Bethesda, so maybe it will be the same for Blizz.

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And the demon souls remake. daddy Sony pls. :pleading_face:


Game Pass for the PC is pretty good these days. It was an inferior product when it lacked cloud streaming, but that was recently added to their ultimate package.

Game Pass frequently has sales for $1. It’s worth picking up and trying if you haven’t already.

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Oh boy this changes a lot. Hopefully Microsoft cleans house at Blizzard and gets a new creative team in place. Also lets go Microsoft make this game more accessible and horizontal.


Yea. At least not immediately. I think they might eventually do it, but it’s not something I see happening until at the very minimum the next expac. Which might be a long way off still anyway.

Bobby Kotick will remain as CEO, but according to most places reporting it, Activision-Blizzard will still report directly to Phil Spencer.

So I imagine Bobby Kotick’s role has been minimized in the grander scheme of this acquisition.