MG- Most unfriendly RP server?

There’s a reason I left WRA.

THAT SAID: If anyone wants RP and sees me around, I’m totally open to whatever (except ERP because it’s just not my thing).

Also: I’m in the market for a laid-back RP guild if anyone wants a goth-but-not-edgy void priest :slight_smile:


Please tell us why.

I originally came from Cenarion Circle to WRA several years ago when CC started dying out-- was always in an RP guild of some sort there and had a ton of fun from vanilla-WOLTK. Left when Cata launched because most of the RP guilds were gone by then, and many of my friends had moved on from the game.

I found WRA to be largely unfriendly overall (very, very hard to break into any sort of guild or RP there). While there were a few good folks/guilds, there were a lot of very controlling and toxic people/guilds as well. All in all, I was there for several years and it never felt like home and it got to the point where I didn’t even bother trying to RP anymore. Just wasn’t worth it.

I’ve not yet found anything even remotely as clique-oriented here on MG. I know it exists, but compared to how insular and closed-off-to-outsiders WRA is? MG is a pretty welcoming and easy to find RP server. Plus the Alliance RP scene on WRA isn’t doing so well and hasn’t been for a few years now, and I mainly play Alliance.

Seemed a pretty simple choice to move my characters here :slight_smile:

/end derail

Anyway, WRA has it’s own culture and problems, as MG does. But overall I prefer it here a lot to WRA. YMMV and all.


I don’t disagree with anything you said really. I’ve found RPers to be extremely cliquey and snobby, for lack for a better word. MG’s issues and WrA’s may be different but I think they’re both caused by the same thing. Narcissism.


P much this, but with an added touch of ‘so hey how about that oceanic timezone’

Mind, my oldest WoW friends all went from Alliance on Sentinels to Horde on MG and I just, didn’t


weird, thats exactly why i left MG

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MG is a clique server. You stick to it or you don’t really do anything because of it, isn’t RP exclusive.

Also off topic but;
People need tos top making 95 raiding guilds. Just trial for the ones who are actually clearing things, multiple raids can be run.

No. Some people march to the beat of their own drum.

I recreated all my characters on Moon Guard a year or two ago, coming from Wyrmrest since 2014.

I experienced these exact same things on Wyrmrest. :frowning: I got ninja logged so many times over the years. There is no worse feeling than knowing someone logged out on you on purpose without explanation.

I also created a few guilds there, one being race-themed. A larger guild of the same race wanted us to be a part of a community which was an attempt to “assimilate” my members into their guild, among other sneaky, coercive, condescending things. In addition, I got harassed by others by Whisper and in Trade just for putting out very infrequent, innocuous guild ads. It was baffling and highly frustrating so I can totally empathize. Being a guild leader is hard. I don’t miss it.

Moon Guard is such a melting pot of transplants from other servers now that this behavior unfortunately seems to be widespread in the RP community. I wish I had more helpful advice to offer. :confused: Keep trying and I wish you the best of luck! (I will need luck myself!)


Ok then :slight_smile:

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All of this and more is why I no longer seek long-term RP in game, nor join RP guilds, nor make any of my own. Too much keeping up with the Joneses and not enough of enjoying the hobby. Too many people want too many different things, and too many people resort to nastiness and drama when they don’t get what they want, or forget about you the minute you’re out of their periphery.

If you just want to find some stable folks to RP with and don’t mind discord, maybe we can find some characters that mesh or just run a few scenes? Not looking for any romance or ERP-focused stuff, just like telling stories and going on adventures! ^^

Good luck out there, it’s rough waters.


It’s not just Moon Guard and as someone with big rosters of characters on MG and WrA, they’re not ~that~ different. There’s server culture but this is beyond that, this is about people, not “server canon vs. guild RP” or whatever the standard hot takes on the 2 servers are.

I think Moonmommy is pretty spot-on. I also found GMing brings out a lot of needy people and I think GMing an RP guild is one of the hardest bits of work you can do in this game, especially if you also do content.

All that said, one amazing guild is Flashbang Exports. Goblins are great people. If you want fun, light-hearted RP without some clique-cast-system thing, go green (and short).


Funny thing is that the most fun I’ve had on MG, and the most successful guild I ran was when I completely opted out of “community” events and campaigns and kept my interaction with those guilds to a minimum. I don’t participate in SLP, church antics, or whatever other stuff they have going on now, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.

People sometimes get the impression that this server lives and dies by its canon, but it’s completely ignorable and avoidable… You just gotta do some digging to find the folks who chose to blaze their own trail.


I have been on this server… A long time… Shortly after it’s creation I came over from The Scryers… I can honestly say Moon Guard is a husk of what it once was. It used to be -the- server you RP’d on… Now it’s more along the lines of just another Full RP server. Nothing special about it anymore. I still remember the days when Goldshire was not what it is today and you could get quality small town / tavern RP out of that place.

I am hopeful it returns to the glory days, but I see far too many “Main Character” rpers who toddle around when they don’t get their way or just downright ignore someone because they didn’t greet them under specific terms. The large communities are toxic and only exist merely to exist, because “hey we have this many players”… Frankly, who cares.
Though… I do see this being an issue on multiple servers… RP just doesn’t seem to have that drive it used to. Maybe it’s just because World of Warcraft is reaching an age where the actual good storytellers have left for other games or they are just too tired of dealing with toddlers.

This is just the ramblings of a guy whose been on this server since 2008… Time to go grab another beer and get back to working on alts.


Honestly I completely agree and see where you are coming for with all of this. And like others have said this by no means applies to everyone. However I do wish to share something that I have observed from my few years buzzing about both MG horde and alliance.

A sizable percentage of server events are entirely self serving / ego inflating similar to what you’ve said before. There are a small number of people who choose to continually put their themselves or their friends at the center of large server events. Now granted part of that an innate and build in facet of “you interact with who you know”, however there is little to no effort seen of trying to alleviate that, nor do I think it will change.

Speaking to elitism and honestly the just total lack of new player friendliness of some of people… on a post about the possibility of MG and WRA blending together, one person used the argument of not knowing server lore to be a reason why they shouldn’t merge… Now then I’d like to unpack that statement here for a second. If you think people who don’t know / don’t acknowledge the 15 years of server fandom (and that is 100% what it is) people have built up, that means you inherently don’t want new players.

All guilds have some level of turnover for numerous reasons… I just wonder how many people have been used as fuel for self promotion and inflating egos in a game. What ever the number is it breaks my heart.

I’d like to reiterate…not all sever personalities are like this and a lot may not even be conscious of the negative impact they leave behind upon some. I think hard conversations where we can reflect and ask ourselves if we are accidentally adding more negativity into the world are important to have. Even though it is fully impossible to please everyone, I don’t think that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t choose to be kind where we can :slight_smile:


It also stupidly implies that anyone actually cares about server lore, and that if they don’t, they’re not welcome here, which is blatantly false, extremely short-sighted, and comically immature. I have some words for some of the people in that thread. Mainly: Grow up. Literally walking examples of the sort of people OP is talking about.

TBH I feel it’s just a symptom of people who have no life outside of the game, and those are people I generally recommend newbies steer very well clear of. Toxicity comes in many forms; extreme levels of “server identity” pride is one of them.

Very difficult to find walkup because of this, too. Their hooks are so self-centric that they feel like they were only made to stroke their ego, and so specific that it’d be near impossible to say “yeah, I was there too” without buying into whatever headcanon they’ve invented for themselves. I desperately want to know what people are trying to get out of this other than fulfilling some kind of power fantasy, or if they just genuinely don’t realize that they’re completely unapproachable.


server lore on moon guard can literally just be boiled down to

“once upon a time, a dude convinced everyone else he was super cool and should make all the rules. the dude predictably had a power trip before logging off the game for months on end, but then freaked out when people decided to move on without him. so the dude made a new project to convince everyone he was super cool and should make all the rules. the dude predictably had a power trip before logging off the game for months on end…”

repeated ad nauseam for the past 10+ years

let server lore die already


The last 3 people who posted above me kind of summed up how I’ve felt since moving to MG recently. I have an alt on WRA now because I decided to explore the differences. (I have characters on both factions of MG btw)

Quite honestly, I did make a point of trying to understand the basis of the lore, but when I realized it was like comparing fanfiction to the original book, I realized it wasn’t for me. I like the game lore. Good, bad, all of it. Bend it slightly if you will, if you have a backstory to justify it (Look at Valeera refusing to side with any 1 faction).

Now if you want to spam my mailbox with stories about your character who fits the universe and their backstory, I promise I will spend literal hours reading it and LOVING every minute of it because that’s why I moved to a larger realm. Backstories based on the game’s storyline. Citizen level, hero level, some janitor whose been hearing everything in Stormwind Keep since Onyxia, THAT is what I love.

In any case, I thank those of you who have stood against the exclusionism. I hope that stuff catches fire and makes it easier for future new players to acclimate to the RP realms.


Yeah I’ve not really been able to get any walk up RP at all either. Or just anything. I dont really have time for super long plots and roleplaying anymore, but I try and do some small walk up RP when I can and I’m generally ignored everytime lol. Or the people that are there RPing already will just leave without saying anything like I stunk up the place.


I’ve run into the exact same issue on MG Alliance and it’s frustrating. My experience with MG Horde has been incredible. Everyone I’ve interacted with has been super kind and welcoming but that’s because I think there’s a big focus on community. MG Alliance has been beyond difficult to break into with walkup RP. I did have a fun RP walkup on my Gnome the other day but that was more the exception than the norm.

MG Alliance has really cool characters around, but unless you’re part of one of the cliques I feel like it’s hard to break in as an outsider.