[MG-H/N-RP] Salute To Service - Horde Military Formal - Feb 10th, 2023

Gather round for a night of good cheer and spirited company as the military of the Horde spends an evening in their best combat attire. From grizzled veterans to fresh recruits, from infantry to Apothecary, from Blood Knight Paladin to Troll Shaman we gather to toast our soldiers on this evening.

Throughout the night allies and friends are invited to join us as we unwind and reflect upon years of adventure and service to the Horde.

--------- Entertainment ---------

:red_circle: Open Speech & Toasts To The Horde
:red_circle: Arm Wrestling
:red_circle: Tattoos & Scarification Services
:red_circle: Tea Leaf Fortune Reading
:red_circle: War Band Body War Paint Services (Before Event & During)
:red_circle: Drink & Bar Service Provided By Lark & Siren Co. (Open Bar - Always tip your bartender)
:red_circle: Mystery Award For Best Dressed Of The Night

--------- OOC Info ---------

:red_circle: Faction: Horde focused with friendly neutral groups welcome to attend. Civilian Horde characters are welcome to attend.
:red_circle: Date: Feb 10th, 2022
:red_circle: Start Time: 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern
:red_circle: Contact: Banshih (H), Krokthar (H)
:red_circle: Location: Dragon Isles, Tavern location provided during the event. Summons will be provided for low level characters.
:red_circle: Horde Vanguard Discord: https://discord.gg/fUjuna5QZt

Horde RP On Moon Guard
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I think my Dracthyr might like to stop by and hear some war stories from Horde veterans!

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