Merging factions for PVP: Discuss

So, once this fiasco of an expansion of horde vs alliance.

[N-zoth] someone say my name?

Comes to an end, perhaps we could see something different with pvp, cause I know lord for hell that no one wants another pvp expansion, so the question comes…

Would you be okay with BG’s being alli/horde merged once the expansion is over?

More or less a solution to the whole “GG horde always wins” Scenario, and people could learn :hotsprings:Together!:hotsprings:

I just want em merged in random bg’s just like arena.

Don’t have to break the story and factions. Just mix them for rated and unrated pvp because otherwise it causes too many players too much friction in trying to have fun.


The faction war is at the center of BfA but it’s not a “PvP expansion.” Neither the one new battleground nor the inclusion of war mode make it one.

Really, the faction war has been central to every iteration of the game and it would be unsafe to assume that it’s going anywhere in the short term.

Even though it’s been suggested a lot, Blizzard seems to be against this idea

I presented this idea in another thread.

Queue times would be as low as they could be for all players. Horde would no longer complain about the 50% honor bonus (removed). Horde would no longer complain about queues. Alliance would no longer complain about win rates. Premades could be separated into their own queue (much to their dismay). Players would no longer feel like they have an unfair advantage or disadvantage. Players could play both sides of the map. Inequalities in maps could become evident over time and help elicit balancing attempts.

There really are few downsides. Would there be dilution of faction identity in random battlegrounds? Yes, but only minor lay. PvPers are, generally, not heavy into role-playing. Random battlegrounds have no consequence on the playable, non-instanced world. Outside of tuning/balancing changes, Watson Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, etc. are all the same as they were introduced. It’s hard to have loss identity in the battlegrounds when they only changing parts are players.


Benefits for the Horde:
More players rage quitting when anything goes south.
Reduced win rate.
Fewer healers.
More f-bombs in chat.
New and creative reasons why the the Alliance is under represented.
More players spamming flashy abilities while waiting for the match to start.
Increased and hilarious usage in chat of: to/too, their/there/they’re, and lose/loose.
More in-game commentary on mogs.

Summary: Get off my lawn and stay in your own faction.

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There’s not enough of this.

The better the mog the better the player. Fact.


True but pvp is different than dungeons, even raids.

If it would lower queue times I will take it


ally would have to wait longer than they do now, but horde would get in way quicker than they do now.

Let’s see, they made my life hell when trying to level, especially in Vanilla and BC. Even now it takes me five times longer than it should to do world quests because I have to creep around in stealth and stay specced as a healer so I can survive.

And now you are asking if I want to heal them on battlegrounds? Hell no. I will gladly take my long queues. The only good human is a dead human.

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Blizz should try Merging Faction PVP just for a 1 Season and see how it goes


The importance of factional choice was destroyed when they ruined battlegroups/let me pay to faction change. Irrelevant argument and that person sucks.


Does that include the person typing this sentence?

I like this idea

Agree 100%.

Splitting the playerbase in half is stupid imo. I get it, there is lore they want to abide to. But man, we all pay to play this game. I seriously think most people’s playing experience would improve if they had a larger pool of players to play with.

Though RPers would probably never let Blizz hear the end of it.

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There are several pros to the list and no one is saying the cons.

A few cons:
Breaks immersion in an rpg game.
The game’s foundation was horde vs alliance.
It would further disincentivize playing the lesser populated faction (alliance) even more.
Blizz would make less money from faction xfers.


Ironic enough, I am a Rper and I fully accept the idea! Aint no roleplay in PVP man, if people want that stuff, they can make their own events for it.

Hence this as an example…We’re all human, no elves, not undeads, we’re all human. So why not let humans play with other humans?


Not sure how it would affect PvE any different, I don’t know why people are trying to ruin the great lore that exists in this game.

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I mean hey, we already have our PVE merged raid dazar’alor. Nothing can really stop them now.

If they lose enough subs and faction balance gets bad enough they will have no choice but to do this anyway.

Seriously though, other than the “lore” (like it’s not screwed up enough already), there is no negative to doing this. Everyone wins.

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pve isn’t players fighting each other like pvp is. There’s far more reason (balance wise) to do this for BGs, though I don’t see it happening.