Merge TBC Servers

Its past time to start merging TBC servers and breath some life into them once again.

Some ideas for mergers (pvp servers mostly here):
Sul’thraze+Skeram with Arcanite Reaper+Heartseeker
Sulthraze+Stalagg with Felstriker+Incendius
Kurinnaxx+Anathema with Loatheb+Rattlegore
Smolderweb+Blaumeux with Netherwind
Thunderfury and Earthfury
Herod and Bigglesworth

Hell even if you dont want to merge multiple servers just match 1 server with another. WE shouldnt have to pay to transfer all of our toons just to play the game. Start combining servers now blizzard. Dont wait for people to start unsubbing in mass because they dont want to pay $200 to move to a active server


agree i like thunderfury myself med pop and has been balaced since start of tbc in from kurrinaxx ty for mentioning our server its time to merge now blizz /mostly players fault but now their quiting all together i like uswthunderfury and another low pop alliance server

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Honestly they should just remove layering and then do queues based on faction. If theres 3000 horde online and only 1000 alliance, horde sit in queues until the active population is nearly 50/50.

Announce this is gonna be done, then offer a short time free-transfer period so people can scatter to smaller realms. This woupd literally fix the problem long-term in the matter of a day. This coming from someone on whitemane…


You forgot the best server of all of the dead ones, Deviate Delight.


Yes. My poor original home server.

Do the Loathebians want to be merged with anyone else? Considering its a Latin American server.

Faerlina, maybe?

don’t waste your breath, for whatever reason blizzard is against server merges. they just won’t do it. they never even talk about it or even hint at it as a possibility.


Yeah, I am thinking more of a general east coast pve merger. But that will be after tbc, as while tbc has some good bits, I believe wrath is generally more popular. Most likely post tbc.

A game this OLD shouldn’t have servers that are separate from each other. Unsubbed.


is this a tutorial on how to make your player base quit ?

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Merges are really messy. A much easier solution would be to simply close realms and offer their characters a free transfer somewhere else. Remaining realms should have caps to prevent further dogpiling. These simple changes would make a world of difference for the health of this game.

But rather than do ANY of that… Blizzard plans to release more realms. We don’t need more realms. We need LESS realms.


Nah, they’d gain more than they’d lose by fixing faction imbalance and breathing life into dead servers.

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Out of curiosity - why Herod with Bigglesworth? Both have healthy pops, and are not nearly as in need as other servers.

If you want to make the game truly healthy (with regard to PVP health as well)- here’s what you need:

Benediction + Herod + Rattlegore + Skeram = 13793A/13950H

Netherwind + Earthfury + Anathema + Stalagg + Kurinaxx + Smolderweb = 4556A/4435H

Thunderfury + Bigglesworth + Heartseeker +Arcanite Reaper + Felstrike + Incendius = 5161A/5476H

Bloodsail + Deviate Delight = 2028A/650H (Slightly problematic since it’s RP/PVE server - but there’s no PVP anyway on the other servers so it isn’t like they lost anything there)

Grobbulus + Kirtonos + Blaumeux = 7162A/6188H

Sulfuras + Kromcrush + Pagle = 8647A/8045H (Again two PVP servers into a PVE server but it doesn’t matter there’s no pvp anyway)

Fairbanks + Westfall = 4806A/4718H (PVP + PVE again no PVP anyway)

This smooths out there imbalances across PVP servers and adds some opposite faction flavor for two PVP servers.

Aside from this - you’d have to enable PVE ----> PVP transfers to allow for people to move if they choose to back to PVP and then FACTION LOCK THE LEAVING as they get lopsided so this garbage doesn’t happen again.

We all hated having names like: Brixtan - Deviate Delight, but it lets us keep our names when we move. The technology is already there, so it isn’t like a huge lift for Blizzard trying to recreate the wheel.

This isn’t hard.


They won’t even do this until it shows they’re losing more money than they are gaining as a last ditch effort to keep subscribers.

As long as people keep paying for transfers, they ain’t gonna do jack.


This is good

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Yep, sad but true. I’ve been telling people not to transfer. They’re rewarding Blizzard for their bad decisions, but they do anyway.

I’m not holding out hope - looking at the 3-4 servers with 25-40 people on them. They will let DD do the exact same thing. It sucks.


I thought so too. It evened things up on most servers. Not much you can do with Whitemane and Faerlina, though. They’re just huge mega servers.

I’m also assuming the horde lopsided and ally lopsided won’t be mad about turning into PVE servers. If they had cared about PVP they would have not driven off the opposing factions.


Paid server transfers… the shop… a child’s thought process or a thirst for money, hmm. 15$ a month isn’t enough. Remove shop from classic, big brain idea. Leave shop for retail, tiny brain idea. Let retail keep being puke and leave classic like classic was. Merge the servers the followers killed baaaah and remove money hungry shop. The herds got to stick together. Monkey see monkey do.
Takes a long time for a server to build that community and that can be taken away faster then a nut for just 25$. 300+ hours in classic on 1 server. constantly playing. Can’t even play retail for more than a month. Wouldn’t even be playing if it wasn’t for classic, or I’d play retail for that month and then quit till next expansion releases which follows the same pattern of playing for a month and quitting till next expansion, been that way for awhile. Retail to me is the anti-social version of the game. Don’t have to say a word and you’re geared.
The games a feeling, thats why most of us still play. 15 years old started playing and now I’m 29 still playing on and off. Ever since classic started again I haven’t stopped. Now many servers are dying because of followerers. Think its time to put down the children’s coloring books, and stop sitting around on beanie bags brainstorming like 3rd graders. Merge dead servers, remove shop. Fixed. Its almost that time I should piss on the disk I still have and get perma banned so I don’t come back. Skeram is home, was so epic, and then baaaaaaaah happened, sure its the same with some other servers and I know a lot of people feel the same way. I absolutely love the game, since i was child. Memories I’ll never forget. People I’ll never stop talking to. Don’t even wanna imagine the amount of money its cost to play but entertainment is money and if i enjoy something I will pay for it. Learn how to balance that and not be selfish about it. My 2 cents, idc about responses. This is how i feel, and I know lots of people who feel the same. Don’t care enough to look back at this forum, don’t care what people have to say, just fix classic.

When you don’t wanna log off, you stay up all night and day, skip work, forget you have to eat, thick beard comes in… that’s wow. Now I just wanna fart in jars and seal them and personally deliver to blizzard.

Own a business, what comes first. The ones who make it possible. No wonder subs been dropping.


I dunno how I feel bout this

Agreed, I have the same opinion. If I wanted a soulless Retail experience I’d be playing that. i quit Shadowlands after like 3 weeks. There was just nothing to keep me there.