Merge Faerlina and Benediction please

A bold move that would certainly bring back an interesting aspect of the game to the TBCC pvp server communities.

If one faction dwindles too far then we can finally delete pvp servers for good.


So the horde would be outnumbered 2:1… not a great idea. Throw whitemane in there too


That seems to be how the story plays out. Pretty sure we’ve seen this happen and it’s called Warmode.

The people that play on these realms want to be a majority and pat themselves on the back for conquering a mostly empty enemy faction. They don’t want enemies that could actually fight back.

You try to insult the horde but you’re cowering on an 80% majority side. Btw, your elf city is the worst in the game.


Wait are there more alliance than horde across all realms? Maybe I’ll make an alliance alt for the fun of it. What’s the major realm?



I don’t think it really matters in these mega servers anyway, but I could be wrong. Wouldn’t the last layer be the only one with a big difference?

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Imagine thinking world pvp is anything but a meme.

People want to be the majority faction, if they want to pvp they do arenas or Bgs.

Who wants to try and do dailies that take 15 minutes while you get killed for over an hour trying to get it done.

Or trying to get into a raid but having to make 3+ death runs.


The remaining Horde on Benediction have been holding their own. If we were to get a few thousand active horde from another server, we’d be great.

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You’re all going to xfer to a horde server.

Whitemane is taking massive Bene horde refugees

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Or they just quit the game and play something else. Both BGs and arenas are losing players at a rapid pace. People talk about it on these forums often enough.

don’t need to merge, just link all pvp servers.

It’s too bad you don’t enjoy Wpvp. Some of my fondest memory’s include fighting at mining nodes in the Silithus caves, battling for the chief tag in Wintersprng, and of course the early vanilla skirmish’s in STV while leveling.

These are primarily vanilla classics experiences and Wpvp is much less enticing in tbc but there is still quite a bit of fun to be had.

Wpvp becomes a meme when server populations are allowed to tilt too far to one faction. This is a macro level issue that blizzard should be entirely responsible for but chooses to remain silent while raking in the cash from transfers.

Lucrative business plan but yet another trash customer experience…


Hey! That is NOT true. Gnomer is the worst city in the game!

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You’d be so outnumbered that all the horde will mass transfer to Whitemane. I don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into.

But it would be a good financial move for Blizz to be sure.

Given the way that layers work, I doubt it would be a serious issue… perhaps 5-6 layers that are balanced with 1 layer that isn’t… still worth it.

I have a feeling they are just gonna mega server in the future. Things are extremely grim right now for almost all the servers minus these very few big ones everyone is transferring to