Mercenary system

Something needs to be done about this, the system is technically available to both factions. For the past 5 years I have played pvp most days of the week and have always seen the little icon that says “enlistment bonus your faction needs more soldiers! honor gains from honorable kills, battleground objectives and victory increased by 50%.” I believe this means that mercenary mode is available for the other faction. Since alliance doesn’t play pvp nearly as much as horde this means mercenary mode is effectively permanently active for horde. Here’s my solution(s): 1.) remove mercenary mode 2.) make it available to both factions always 3.) do what arenas do for teams: yellow team vs green team. Blizzard has already made a system that sorta changes your race to the opposite faction during mercenary mode so no extra coding needed there.

As someone who has played pvp for many years I’ve noticed with mercenary mode a lot of the time it just feels like whenever a horde is losing for having a bad day they can just switch factions; as an alliance I cannot do that. I’m stuck on a team that frankly doesn’t care. I would just like this system to be made available to both factions or neither at all.

Additionally the green vs yellow team idea from arenas. If made active for all would reduce que times.

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what happened to your other post

Why do you care? You play a faction with short queue times. That’s the point of the merc system.

Having the option of changing factions if you’re losing your games doesn’t mean you switch and just start winning your games

choices friend… fun and fair playing environment… would be nice to have the option…

By giving the merc system only to Horde it just promotes the idea to keep making Horde toons. Since they always get the option to play either side they want, why would any serious player choose to be Ally where they are stuck on ONE side of the fight? The Merc system should be both sides or NONE! This system isn’t making the PvP queing better it makes it worse… it just compounds the issue

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situation 1: alliance just crushes horde in 1 or multiple bgs, horde goes alliance
via the mercenary system.

(this is an example due to having witnessing this happening many times in bgs that i
have played)

situation 2: horde crushes alliance, alliance cannot do anything.

again i suggest making mercenary mode permanently active for both sides, it would eliminate the long ques for horde, and a personal complaint: easing the amount of bad players on alliance across both teams. because idk about you but most of the time i cannot rely on my team mates due to them being severely under geared.

I’d gladly trade merc for your 50% bonus. Permanently. You guys don’t know how good you have it.

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switching factions wont make you any better