Mercenary mode?

where would the mercenary mode vendor…guy, be for the alliance? i’ve been looking all over and can’t find’em.

Wherever the PvP area of Boralus is.

that’s a little helpful. but, not really what i was hoping for since i don’t know where the alliance pvp zone is…

wait, who IS the alliance mercenary recruiter? can anyone give a link to their WoWhead page?

cant you only merc mode if your faction is too populated

pretty sure alliance dont get merc mode only horde does

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but… on moongaurd alliance has WAY more players than horde, would’nt that mean it’s overpopulated?

It’s not a server by server basis, its by region hence the entire US datacenters combined.

ohhhh… well that’s dumb. still wish i knew where they’d be when the time comes though.

I figured everything is easy to find in Boralus. That seems to be the sentiment every time someone complains how “difficult” it is to navigate Dazar’alor.

Merc mode only exists for the faction that has too few people queueing for random bgs which is meant to alleviate queue times for the other faction.

Merc mode for alliance has rarely been a thing since Horde cried enough to get EMFH nerfed on top of most PvPers making an exodus to Classic considering the sorry state of PvP in BFA right now.

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I’m pretty sure only Horde players can merc at the present time, Alliance can’t use the mercenary mode feature.

I think it goes off “overall” PvP population and queue times, and only works for the faction with longer queues (currently Horde).