Memorial Day Ride-A-Thon 2022!


If you are lvl 60. Please make sure you speak with Zidormi near the Thandol Span in Arathi. As well as Zidormi near Undercity in Tirisfal Glades to put yourself in PAST versions of the zones before the event starts. Otherwise you’re going to have a bad time/phase out from anyone lower! Also, be sure to have War Mode Off.

UPDATES! For the ride also make sure that you are NOT using Chromie Time. Otherwise you won’t be able to see anyone aside from others who happen to be in the same Chromie phase as you.

Route Map- Please join the Discord to see the route!

Put on your leather chaps, get your motors running and prepare for Moon Guard’s annual event the Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon , 2022 edition!

What this event is
Moon Guard’s Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon is an annual event open to the public for both Alliance and Horde! This is an event in which people gather and ride motorbikes across the length the Eastern Kingdoms in memorial to fallen soldiers and an excuse to have a good time!

When & Where
The Ride-A-Thon will be held on May 30th (coinciding with the U.S. Memorial Day), beginning at 7:00 PM Moon Guard realm time ( that’s 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / Midnight GMT ), at Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaque Lands .

There will be a brief speech commemorating the fallen soldiers of Azeroth (Make sure you have your Elixir of Tongues!) given and then we will lead a procession of riders across The Eastern Kingdoms on a predetermined path down south to Booty Bay. Upon arriving at Booty Bay there will be an after party.

It is important that participants follow Utenka or the assisting raid leaders following me, in order to stick to the predetermined path, because the route selected is planned in such a away as to avoid as much npc pvp flagging as possible.

It is highly encourage that participants use a motorcycle mount during this event. These mounts include:

Note: The Chauffeured mounts do not scale with max level ground mount training speed and are therefore slower.

Champion’s Treadblade
Warlord’s Deathwheel
Mekgineer’s Chopper
Goblin Trike
Goblin Turbo-Trike
Vicious War Trike

If you wish to participate and do not own one of these mounts or can not afford one, fear not! All are welcome to join us regardless of what mount they choose. Remember this event is open to all regardless of faction or guild affiliation. So, come along and tell your friends!


Hello! I just have a couple of questions. Is there an official IC name for this event? Also, is it okay if we do announcements for this on the Gnightly Gnews at Gnine on Alliance side?


We’ve never really had an IC name for it IIRC…But I suppose for the sake of things. You could call it the Ride of Remembrance. As for your second question, yes! That is totally fine. I can use all the aid Alliance side we can get to have this out there. =) As you can see we’re still also looking for volunteers to head raid groups for the gathering.


Alterac Potato Farmer will be there again.


Would one look to volunteer here, Discord or on the day of the event just prior to start time to escort someone without a bike (carry a passenger on your Hog or Chopper)? Thanks for doing this again. This has been an awesome event in the past and I’m sure will continue to be boss.

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I’m super happy to know that this annual tradition is going to be carried on! I hadn’t planned on running it this year due to scheduling conflicts. So, I am really glad that the torched is being picked up thanks to Utenka!


If I recall correctly this is the 6th annual Memorial Ride-A-Thon event. There was a year back in Mist of Pandaria it didn’t happen because I wasn’t playing at the time.

You can volunteer to be a raid group lead right here in the replies! I’ll just edit the post to tack your name in.

Route map has been added to original post!

Don’t pencil me in just yet as I have to make sure the spousal unit hasn’t set up an event with the in laws that I’ve not been warn-oh wait informed of yet. Wanted to maybe get folks thinking about letting a bikeless someone enjoy a ride. If I am able to be there I will let you know, Utenka. Thanks!

As far as I’m aware this is generally what happens day of anyway. Not in any official or organized capacity, but we have plenty of people with choppers with seats. Though I’m speaking for Alliance, since we have only two options for choppers anyway.

But it’s very possible to get exalted in under a day with the Bilgewater cartel using the tabard and running old dungeons. That or just making a Goblin DK, getting them to Org, and buying the choppers. Horde players really shouldn’t have an issue acquiring a chopper imo.

old potato farmers be like

thanks for the tips abe

I made a tinyurl pointing to this post to use during the Gnews announcement. Posting it here in case you need to use it for anything else. :slight_smile:

tinyurl .com/MDRAT2019

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Just over a week to go until we ride, Moon Guard! Still looking for raid leads on both sides.

I might be able to show up to assist with a raid leader spot on Alliance. Theres a small chance I’ll have to work, so don’t fill me in. But if the event comes and you still need a RL, I’ll fill in if I can.
Also, I might forget to check the forums, so its a safer bet to message on Discord (Nardoras#5496) if a spot still needs filled.

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I am hoping to make it, depends on work. That said, this is a fun community event for anyone who has not yet gone to one.


I’ll drop you a line on Disc Monday and check-in with you Ranall.

Tonight’s the night!

Just some reminders. If you are lvl 120 you will need to speak with Zidormi on the Arathi side of the Thandol Span (Arathi/Wetlands border) to put yourself in the pre BfA version of Arathi BEFORE coming up to Light’s Hope for the ride.

The route has been slightly altered this year and can be located here!
https ://imgur. com/a/wzvtybV (remove spaces)

And lastly. Remember to grab yourself some Elixir of Tongues out of the Underbelly in Legion Dalaran so all of you Alliance people can understand the speech. :smiley:

We hope to see you there! :two_hearts:

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Get a verdict yet Darville?

Ride out brothers and sisters! I’ll be cheering you on!

Unexpectedly, I may actually be able to attend when previously I thought I would not be. Hence why I hadn’t planned to host it this year. As I’ve said before I’m very grateful and proud for the Kor’kron Legion to take up the reigns this time around.

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I’m hopeful that I can escape in time to make the ride.
I scanned the route in case I have to catch up.

At the battle for traffic I’ll make my stand.
Ugh I loathe highways on holidays.
edit aannnd i am validated in my loathing as i’m stuck in this caaaarrr ugh
hope you all have a great ride
/salute to all those that gave it their all for us

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