Memento for those who've played since Classic

(Azreluna) #10

My wife broke my statue.

(Snikrot) #11

Love my statue… hopefully they give an even cooler (non-Alliance) 20 year one. Swear to god, if you give me some Alliance bland human dude as a bronze resin statue I will flip my lid.


I have a bunch of poison vials in my bank and a wartorn chain scrap from old naxx

(Tymberlea) #13

After being here since vanilla, the LAST THING I NEED is an inventory Item that is useless, about which I feel too sentimental to throw away.

Maybe a title to display? What won’t actually take up space, or add to UI clutter, or overall bloat, but be cool? That’s my dilemma.

(Fenshire) #14

We have our pvp titles, those of us that have been around since vanilla.

(Snikrot) #15

Wish the PvP titles were account wide though… and that we got all of them under our top one. Would much rather be Blood Guard than Legionnaire.

(Fenshire) #16

I agree with this. My pvp title is on a level 50something night elf that I haven’t played in about 12 years. haha

(Yayayayayaya) #17

No, because #NOCHANGES

(Manhammer) #18

Classic hasn’t come out yet. Do you mean those who played in the Classic Demo?

Classic and Vanilla or pre-TBC are two totally different things.

(Xaeris) #19

You need to change your title from memento to gift. I thought this thread was about something else entirely.

(Jim) #20

My first character, a Warrior, has had a spyglass and a Thunderbrew’s Boot Flask in his inventory since… well 2005 some time. I think he has some Elune potion thing in the bank. It does something like immunity from all damage for 10 secs. It was a quest reward back in Vanilla. He’s also got the Weaponsmith trinket that creates a L43 Purple Mace ( with a cooldown of a few hours.

My priest has got some Morrowgrain and the Blood Scythe from Zul Gurub.

(Gurvus) #21

A title would be cool. For example:

Gurvus, The Attention Starved


Validation Seeker Gurvus


My Life Has Been Empty And Meaningless So Please Be Impressed That I Played A Game For Fourteen Years Gurvus, Oh God I’m So Lonely

(Snikrot) #22

Really like that last one.

(Zachaios) #23

As that joke I’ve heard on the forums goes …

Q: How do you know when someone played during classic?

A: They’ll tell you.

(Snikrot) #24

So inaccurate. I will bust out my mini diablo, put on my full Might with Arcanite reaper and my PvP title and expect you to know.

(Shadowfist) #25

Are people really saying no to a possible gift idea? What the hell? I would be all for something like this… Mind you, I’ve been around since vanilla, but my account wasn’t subscription based like it is now, used to use time cards so my account hasn’t been constantly active. If I benefited from a thank you gift that would be cool. I’d be fine too if I didn’t cause of said reason.

(Zachaios) #26

I could do the same with my 2h mace from ZG, skyfury helm, mallet of zul’frak, pvp title, and quite a few other things. :stuck_out_tongue:

The “old” players I’m sure are the ones who make up the vast majority of the current player base. I don’t think Blizz would go out of their way to reward us, as cool as it might be to have the idea. It’s highly unlikely.

(Rordin) #27

My druid still has the Onyxia Scale Cloak in his bank from when the guild i was in was killing Onyxia back in vanilla. He also still has his Scout pvp title and my Gnome Rogue has the Private PvP title. I didn’t do a lot of Bg’s back then, but I did level on a PvP server until toward the end of BC.

(Piddy) #28

I agree we don’t need a memento or a gift.

Those who played, played. They have the memories of playing, of being here at that time. Blizzard rewarded the long term players with that nice statue, a statue I managed to miss just barely. (A sad, sordid story in hind sight.)

What rewards do the folks that started in Wrath get? Why not? Or Cata babies? Or fresh, new BfA players. What do they get? Why aren’t they more special?

Piddy here is from Vanilla. KNIGHT Piddy, thankyouverymuch. I still have my main from Vanilla, but haven’t broken him out yet for BfA. But he was quite active in Legion. He carries a bouquet of flowers from Redridge when he was leveling. Dunno if the flowers still exist or not.

But I was there. I was there in Vanilla. PvPing in Vanilla. Wall walking in Vanilla. I distinctly recall Piddy running around the IF Airport when she was in her mid-20s. I remember her farming mats for her Robe of the Void. I remember where she dinged in Winterspring. I remember the blood plague, the AH bombs, the gate, the scourge event.

What more do I need?

What about folks who rolled in Vanilla, quit, and came back in BfA, and quit again? Should they get something too? Because they played the game for 2 months, 15 years apart?

The statue was a really nice token on their part. I would have liked to have got one (though I can’t for the life of me figure out where I’d put it), but rules are rules, and I missed out. No big deal.

But there’s no reason to keep heaping on to the same players, year in, and year out.


I know they removed the quest but dunno if they removed the item:

This was the only tool vanilla paladins had to range pull.
My Alliance pally probably has it in the bank, havent played him for years.