Melee Survival

Just wanted to give a big thank you to the devs who designed and made melee survival. It’s gotta be the best spec for solo pvp content and it has one of the highest skill caps in pvp content.

Despite what you might hear from some crybabies and larpers on this forum, the spec functions amazingly both competitively and thematically. Most of these people are just like old boomers today and are upset at change.

Perhaps bringing back two button identity crisis ranged survival in the form of a 4th spec will ease some of the complaining. However we all know it isn’t coming anytime soon with everything happening at blizzard. Anyone thinking it’s in the near future is on some insane levels of Copium.

So I’m happy melee survival is here and here to stay. Thanks to anyone at blizzard who helped work on it.

Shoutout to anyone out there who plays and enjoys it :slight_smile:


What would you know about ranged Survival’s identity? You’ve been playing this game for less than a year and you’re defending a spec that has 3 different themes competing for prominence in the same toolkit; one of which being copied from another Hunter spec.

Fun fact about ranged Survival: it didn’t need a constant presence of forum warriors defending it because it was a widely enjoyed and respected spec. It might be gone now but at least it’s not the circus freak of class design like melee Survival always will be.


Exhibit A ladies and gentlemen.


I was real lucky to start Hunter for the first time in the last expansion before Legion. That means I remembered all of the good stuff Hunters got from the SV spec. Seems like the OP doesn’t know a little history about Danaik and his “Tripple D’s”.

I think we should enlighten the lad.


I love melee survival. The spec is literally perfect and much better than any hunter spec in history of wow and I have been playing hunter since warcraft 1.

The only problem is the skill cap is insanely high and punishing for most of wow’s playerbase. This is why only 12 people play the spec. I had to upgrade my mouse to a mmo mouse and even use a 240 hz monitor to play the spec optimally. The only thing i would change is to make it a tank spec!


We’ve argued for years that it’s not wise to make changes in favor of the few. No MMO has ever survived on the whims of an oligarchy.

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I cringed.

It’s true. WoW would have never made it past TBC if it did. It was obvious what needed to happen. But it came with the adulteration of the FPS dudebros. You know that normal and heroic raid difficulties were a huge step towards casualization? Before Wrath and with the outlier of Kara, you never saw the inside of a raid instance EV-UR if you were not of the raiding upper classes. Then you had LFR, and then you had Flex(which is the modern Normal).

WoW would have NEVER gotten this far if the ruling few’s weight paid to keep this game alive. Oh, I forgot to mention how this applies to Survival spec. Because the few somehow triumphed, it had absolutely all but completely DESTROYED the entire Hunter class but I like to think that’s still changing for the better. A precious remnant of BMs is keeping the class alive now. You were just conversing with one of them. So we know from WoW history that the elitists have not decided the game’s future.

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Making a spec melee = listening to oligarchy.

I wonder if anyone genuinely committed suicide when they made survival melee, the amount of deranged people I’ve seen ball their eyes out about not being able to play a melee spec is absurd.


It happened anyway. The Hunter class as a whole went down into the toilet, suffering the biggest pop drop of a class I’ve seen, some 4.5%. I don’t even think we got those back. I don’t see any more Hunters now than since Leg launch. We’re talking about two entire xpac cycles and nothing is growing the Hunter class. I can imagine that it would be hard with the new DH class as well as new race combos for DKs. I can imagine that in terms of covenant powers, Hunters are the least whelming.

And it’s not exactly a zero-sum game either: it is possible to play a Hunter at max level, get rated rep, and play something else too on the side. But the MSV outside people don’t care, except they started caring a lot when Blizz was ignoring them about SL patch changes. When they saw that Blizz wasn’t going to do hardly anything for them, that got their attn quick. Well, without a solid consensus of MSV support and ENOUGH VOICES thereof, I can imagine it’s hard to make SV the best it can be, let alone a melee spec at all.


Just so you know, if you carry on making statements like this… you’re just gonna get flagged over and over.

Please make your arguments without the name-calling.


I know it’s obvious he has a huge disrespect for those who were here before him. Not even a moment of silence for those lost to the Huntercide, as if he’s perfectly fine discontinuing RL players out of a class they enjoyed playing just so he can have his preferred experience. It’s schoolyard bullying, really.

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I want you to know that I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this. Cry is free

You know, the “ignored content” schtick is super original and is much funnier the 19,948th time.

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You are a sad, sad man. I hope you find meaning in this life if this is how you choose to spend your time.

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You laugh now, but wait until it happens to you. Who will be laughing at you when you lose something like that?

It’s great to see melee Survival still being such a positive influence on the Hunter community years later.


Both from within and without, it seems.

Designers built the Melee Survival Hunter spec., and RE-built the spec, and have polished on it, made it pretty, and possibly by accident, competitive in at least one aspect of the game.

I wonder what the ultimate point was. I wonder what was expected, and how that compares to how things actually are.
I think all the time spent on Survival leaves little to apply to the rest of the Class. MM and BM are basically left to fend for themselves, at times having an old Ability returned at best. It’s not a Class success story, building up one spec, and letting the others wither.

LoL, you really prepared to base your happiness on a state of being you KNOW is inconstant? If so, then you might have what it takes to be a Huntard! Its getting harder to do this, because of the lower skill ceiling.

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When patch 7.0.3 went live, lotsa Hunters died.
THIS Hunter died, for 2yrs.
It wasn’t just Survival that changed. MM was twisted to the point that I could not, would not play a Hunter, and didn’t resume until the MM spec morphed back to something I could recognize.

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