Megathread: The Other Half of the Dragon Fantasy - DRAKONIDS

I think the early reaction to the first female troll model scarred them irrevocably.

Personally, I think it looks great! Very unique silhouette. And there were prettier options out there if you wanted one. But no, people couldn’t tolerate it existing in the same game as them.


I would have rather have that but I was one of the few people in the world with a female ogre Warrior and female troll Shadow Knight in EverQuest.

That actually leveled them, I mean.


One of my earliest EQ memories is stumbling upon a bizarre ritual outside the city of Cabilis in the Field of Bone. I was an Iksar Shaman just mesmerized by the fact that I was interacting with other people in this world… but I was terrified of a circle of players repetitively casting spells, an Ogre woman and Troll woman among them. In retrospect, they were just buffing up to head into Kurn’s Tower, but in the moment? Astoundingly terrifying, utterly immersive.


Hey, the one race that I would trade Drakonids for would be Dragonmaw Orcs - the group that is actually responsible for the events you are alluding to isn’t actually counted among the playable Orgrimmar Orcs.

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Agree. These are so much better than what we got. Great write up


That’s your problem right there. Drakonids are flight-specific, there is no universal one. It would take five different heroic races to be introduced. Each of these would need to be unique to reflect the flight they are part of. This would mean there would be five new pandera-like races that could go either faction. Also, trying to achieve some sense of balance between all of these in tandem with all we currently have (which cannot be kept balanced) would be impossible.

While we do not know how things will unfold in DF, currently it is understood that the overall dragon population on Azeroth is low compared to past times. The idea of members of any flight leaving does not seem likely or realistic.

I agree that what Blizzard is giving us isn’t anything to get excited over in many peoples eyes. However, it seems to be the best option given that going any more lore-like would be a commitment to existing knowledge, details and history in the game. There would always be something that could be said was inaccurate or entirely wrong.

id love this!
i dont like evokers or dractyhr because they werent this.
this is what i think of when i see a dragon " Race "


I would’ve preferred Drakonid over what we got, but perhaps when they give Evoker a tank spec (or give Dracthyr more classes) they can add some new customizations that delve into the Drakonid fantasy.


They were able to add Mag’har without making a different race for each clan, as well as allow Zandalari that can choose a deity to worship. I hardly think this is a roadblock.


What kills me is the huge push by so many people to leave the base alone (because “skinny Caster no need muscle”) and push for just being a human or elf with dragon powers. They even gave visage form a non-transforming glide in the new build.


Yeah, I will never understand the “I want to play as a dragon, but I don’t want to play as a dragon”-crowd. Human and Elven Mages are right there. The class is entirely themed around uniquely-draconic abilities, but they don’t want to play as a dragon? I wouldn’t play a Shaman if I didn’t want to control the elements, nor a Paladin if that whole Holy zealot theme didn’t appeal to me. And I certainly wouldn’t ask that those core thematics be removed to make the class personally palatable.

The thing is we’ve never at any point targeted Drakonids as a species. We’ve fought ones from the Black Dragonflight, Blue Dragonflight, and Twilight Dragonflight, but because they were part of a dragonflight we were fighting as a whole, not the individual Drakonids. We’ve never had problems with the Bronze, Green, or Red, and we fought alongside the Blues in Dragon Soul during the assault on Wyrmrest.

If Drakonids have a reason to not join the factions, it wouldn’t be because of past hostilities.

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My presumption would be that, later on in the expansion, we successfully re-empower the dragonflights. As such, they have power to spare and either:

  1. Give their drakonids the mandate to join the Horde and Alliance to take a more active role in the defense of Azeroth, or
  2. Release the drakonids entirely to self-determination, as their role is no longer required.

Or any number of options that I haven’t thought of.

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I honestly think that Evokers are locked to Dracthyr just as hard as Demon Hunters are locked to Blood/Night Elves. Yes, we can make other combinations make sense, but the way they implemented the class has a very specific story and requires a very specific aesthetic, hence the breadth of unique options but lack of diversity.

This might be one of those “we may revisit this in the future” things, but that often functionally means that it is so low priority that it will just never happen.

Although, if they come, I think they would be added mid-expansion, it would be great to get them (or any other Allied Race) pre-launch. Like the ones released during Legion. It really helped with the content lull having an excuse to level a few more characters.

Not a big fan of those updated models, but I love the original Drakonids. Would be a great race to play.

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How would you alter the new models to make them more to your liking?

Not really sure, I just prefer the old ones.
I think it’s the heads, just not keen on them, and probably the stance as well.

It just all looks a bit off to me for some reason.

I suppose the older models look a bit more… disciplined?

It would be interesting what a playable iteration would look like. Honestly, I’d be completely fine if the only thing they borrow from the old model is the “The Last Outpost” polearm flourish when they run at you.

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I dunno, I thinks that they look a bit sharper, less refined, and as such more aggressive.
Whereas the heads on these new ones just look too…round.

It’s same sentiment I feel about the new Gnoll faces. There is just something off about them that makes them less savage and more disney.

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