Megathread: Ogres as Playable Allied race

(Hecatone) #77

Ah-herm, lies.

(Vaelian) #78

lol, it’s just what makes the most sense.
Ogres + Orcs, then their mix breed, Mok’nathal, for horde.
Vrykul + Humans, then their mix breed, Kul’tiran, for alliance.

(Hecatone) #79

No. They’re just not equivalent. Vrykul are like objectively the coolest race in the game. You can have more other humans. For the Horde!

(Syegfryed) #80

are you sure about that? cause some allied races look like they have many options, like the maghar orcs

Ion said the allied races are not just sub-races or pariental races, allied race is anything they want.

“core race” its something hat prob will not exist anymore, the “allied race” system, come to replace the old one, so, every other “new race” will come like the allied race system

(Pepino) #81

Maghar Orcs are the only ones that have many skin options other then that they are just as dull like the others.


They had the chance to make a playable void-based race. Infinite potential.

What did they do with it? Hair mods for Blood Elves before throwing a bucket of purple ink on them.

As much as I’d love ogres, I don’t think their team has the ingenuity to make it happen. I will give you mass credit for investing more effort into the lore than ‘a single class of elves touched the void and now there’s millions of them because ???’.

(Syegfryed) #83

Well if they coudld do it with the zandalar, usiing just the outdated model from MOP, i think they safely can do with ogres using the WOD updated models.

Hell, they can even use the kul’tirans as base, like they did with rexxar, its not rocked science rly.


True, but that’s when they still had some semblance of care for the player base.

(Starlagosa) #85

Well I wasn’t wrong.

(Alamara) #86

You are wrong because it’s not a sad idea at all.

(Melithiria) #87

I would never ever play as one.

But they are a legit part of the Horde already, and should be considered.

(Alamara) #88

THAT’s the point. No race will appease everyone, we have multiple races because people want to be different things. Ogres are a big part of the Horde, and many players want them. Those who don’t have a lot of other options.

(Vaelian) #89

I feel the same, I don’t know that I would play one either, but I’d certainly play a Mok’nathal and would like to see both as options.

I’ve yet to really see a race I wouldn’t support. Sure some seem like really odd choices, but I don’t mind if someone wants to be one.
It’d be kinda neat/funny to see a Murloc Warrior or an Arrakoa Warlock or something odd like that.

(Syegfryed) #90

IF you would play a mok’nathal why not a ogre? don’t be fooled by the rexxar model thinking thats exclusive to then, If ogres get a update they will be like that, but with more features ( horns, one or 2 eyes more colors, etc)

(Huuirnarrumn) #91

Good post, I hope we can finally get Ogres, or Mok’nathal on the Horde soon.
Also they could use the big hefty Blood Troll females as inspiration for female Ogres? I personally don’t think it would look to bad.

(Roargathor) #92

That’s why they should just give high elves to the alliance, so the blood elf population will go away.

(Starlagosa) #93

Keep dreaming. Majority of Horde players who play Blood Elves are probably more loyal Horde fans than Orc players.

(Sinistrë) #94

Oy!! Dont stomp on my dream of having a vulpera survival hunter named Ratchet with some kinda mechanic tameable that I shall aptly name Clank :slight_smile:

(Talendrion) #95

I mean, Ogres already have animations, the female model could be based off the Blood Troll Warmatrons, which are based on Kul’tirans.

(Vaelian) #96

I just prefer the look of the Mok’nathal over that of an Ogre. I’d maybe make one, who knows. I’d definitely make a Mok’nathal though.