Yo, Blizzard just wanted to give my appreciation for this dungeon. Probably one of my most favorite dungeons in a very long time. Yeah, there are expansion favorite dungeons and whatnot, but man you guys hit the nail in the head with this place. I love the secret power ups, the unique boss mechanics, and the overall scenery of the place.

TLDR: I like Mechagon and I think it’s a great dungeon.


you didn’t need a tldr buddy


Now if they’d only properly open it up to Alliance players as a proper Gnome capital. While they’re at it they can touch up the Darkspear Isles.

You know what I’d love to see is some cyborg modification to all races. You know how cool it’d be if my dwarf had a robotic arm, and some laser eyes.

But, better modification quality than the diaper baby gnomes we have now.


I like Mechagon too! I don’t enjoy the parts where you have to move through the obstacle course (because I always fall/fail). But every time I get a key for the Workshop, I smile.


It’s open if you have a mechagnome and did the allied race quests. You can use the teleporter whenever you want.

The best part is I can go from Stormwind Embassy to Mechagon City, then take the other portal into the city proper, then another onto Mechagon Island itself.

Only on that Mechagnome, though. A regular Gnome can’t go there, despite it being Mekkatorque’s new home.

Ah, shame. Interesting since there’s regular gnomes inside the city itself.

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Warning! Excessive levels of flesh detected. Warning!

Indeed, much better than the dungeon those smelly Goblins got…

You think you have defeated me? HAH. Fools all you have done is dismantled a piece of furniture!

It’s a really fun dungeon, especially in M+ form. Blizzard needs to do more megadungeons considering how good they are at it