Mechagon Dungeon Bugged


When running Mechagon, our buff bots weren’t respawning. We weren’t sure if this was a bug or a new feature that was unannounced in the patch notes. We killed three bosses and then attempted to reset the instance to see if the bots respawned. Last week, resetting the instance didn’t respawn any of the bosses so we assumed we’d be fine on that front. However, after resetting, King Gobbamak had respawned and the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit was flying over his room. We tried going to the different boss rooms seeing if that would clue the dungeon in that the bosses were dead already, but it didn’t work. It would give us the RP for the boss room as if the boss was still up, despite not even the corpses being there. We can’t kill Gobbamak, nor is HK-8 in its room. Our lockout is dead. We even tried resetting again. Resetting did respawn the buff bots, though.

Operation: Mechagon lockout and grouping bug

I can confirm that this is an issue on live with my lockout. Now when i create a pug group and people try to enter the instance im already in, I can’t see them. When i leave and hop back in, this bugged lockout becomes active. If i leave the group, exit and enter the instance again, my lockout is fine. Being in a group has something to do with this bug.


Amazing to see that Blizz never fixed this.