Mechagon daily quest "Discs of Norgannon"

I’ve been looking for this one to pop up for months now since the last couple of blueprints I need for the meta achievement only come from the data disc rares. I have an alt parked on the island for Rustfeather that I check regularly, sometimes multiple times a day. And Archivist Bitbyte has not been there for at least the two months this alt has been parked. Is this daily broken or something? Bugged to not be in the rotation of dailies? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Update The day after posting this the quest was up. Go figure. So anyone else seeing this in the future, It’s not bugged, just incredibly stupid rare. Good luck.

You don’t actually need the daily to be up to get those blueprints. The green items that start a Data Anomaly quest (Scorched Data Disc, etc) can be used over and over. Summon the rare, kill it, and abandon the quest. If it doesn’t drop what you need just repeat the process the next day, even if the daily isn’t up.

Yep, that’s what I had to do to get the prints to drop a few days after my initial post. It was just a matter of waiting for the daily to be up so I could GET the quest starting items to drop in the first place.