Mechagon conundrum

So, one quest to get done. Operation Mechagon - The Mechaoriginator.

Apparently, this needs to be done on mythic. Just looking for one group to help me out. Any group. Lowest key. I finish this and that’s it.

Declined, declined, declined, declined, declined.

Guild is busy, I get one day off this week to try to pull something together, and I work retail.

So, I ask politely. “Low” is the ONLY response I get. Not even a “I’d suggest you do this,” or “we can help you get started.” No patience, not willing to work with me, no other feedback.

Just for this ONE quest. This Raider-dot-io thing, I don’t even understand it. But I’m apparently achievement-walled from getting the Mechagnomes as an allied race because I cannot find the time to go through this huge hassle of getting help.

Why was the dungeon finder made? You want to find groups, right? You want to socialize and find other players, right? Nope. The only people who care about that that I can tell is if you’re a high level player.

So, I’m moderately geared, 413, I ask around, my guild, chatrooms, world chats, and resorting to the dungeon finder.

I feel like throwing my hands up in the air, because the only way to “git gud” is to be good, right away, immediately, and THEN people will notice you. If you can’t grab the top rung of the ladder immediately without help, then no one will want to play with you.

That is really sad.


Operation Mechagon is made into a Heroic dungeon with 8.3, along with the release of playable Mechagnomes. I do wish this was done right away though, it could be annoying for the average player to land in one of these Mythic groups.


Then that’s what I’ll wait for.


Start a group in Group Finder, fill it, finish the dungeon.

Maybe he declined himself?

Could be your ilvl, not your io profile.

413 can be low for people trying to speed run the thing.

Have you tried starting your own group?

You are in almost full benthics, that could be quite intimidating to people. In my experience people in Benthics typically are less experienced with mechanics, and how their character tanks, damages, or heals.

If you were Horde, I’d help you right now.

Quit complaining. Other players don’t owe you anything. Start your own group.

Make your own group?

If you dont know the dungeon maybe you should leARN it, then.

That is perfectly reasonable what would someone running around in full world quest gear know about dungeon abilities.

I don’t get how someone could get declined so much while trying to sign up for Operation: Mechagon groups. doesn’t even matter for that anyway so idk why it was brought up.

Why a key? Just run in regular mythic.

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Especially since there’s no M+ of Mechagon just yet.

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Oh lol, well then. Learn something new every day.

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