Mechagon and Nazatar rep for BFA pathfinder 1 or 2?

I cannot find a clear answer to this question anywhere. Pathfinder1 and 2 does not say they are required but there is so many conflicting posts I just need a straight answer.

WoWhead has some good updated info as well as a tool that can help you track where you’re at for flying in BFA:

And here’s the tool (just have to enter the character name and realm to get it to update):

Edit to add: Reputations were removed from the requirements for BFA flying altogether :wink:


Thank you for the reply butt hat does not answer the question, IS the Mechagon/Nazatar rep still required is all I want to know. When I look up my progress in the achievement tab in game those reps do not show as being a requirement but so may posts are saying differently.

Both the links I provided actually help answer that as well as my edit :wink: No, you don’t need any specific reps at exalted now for BFA flying.


Your edit says reps were removed? What ones were removed?

Reps for the pathfinder achievement for BFA.

If you just use the link I provided, enter your character’s name and realm, it will actually show you your current completion of the pathfinder achievements for BFA.


Thanks but you just confused me even more. There are so many outdated things on those sites I do not consider them as reliable sources.

you can go into your achievements (press Y I think) in game and then type pathfinder in the search. that will bring up the pathfinder progress

The CS site isn’t really a personal help desk as the folks where ain’t really able to pull up whatever data someone wants. That’s the best way to find info - namely on Wowhead.


Edit: Removing to correct myself.

Yes I did this and it says nothing about Waveblade Ankoan Rustbolt Resistance rep, hence my question if it is a requirement.

so, if they aren’t listed as requirements why do you think they might still be?


Because I made the mistake of using wowhead to find out how I was progressing and they show as a requirement on that site but not in game.

I get why you might not trust outside sources but I’m still not seeing why you would not trust the in game information

As far as I am aware what is required for an achievement is listed on the achievement. If it isn’t listed, it isn’t generally required.

Part one has Azerothian Diplomat, which requires revered with:



Part two requires Waveblade Ankoan for Alliance and the Unshackled for Horde, to revered as well as the Neutral reputation, Rustbolt Resistance.

Are you thinking of the changes to the flying requirements for Warlords of Draenor and Legion? They also lowered the reputation requirements for BFA from Exalted, but I don’t believe they removed them. At least I can’t find anything that indicates that, it’s been a while since I did them myself but Rustbolt Resistance and Ankoan to revered is listed on the Alliance character I just checked.


This is what is confusing because Pathfinder Part 2 says nothing about these 2 ingame at all.

When you look up BFA Pathfinder, Part Two you don’t see the following?


Looks like it is listed in the achievement for me.

If you aren’t seeing the same thing, you might need to try resetting your User Interface.

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That is exactly what I see but it says nothing about reputation requirements for Waveblade Ankoan Rustbolt Resistance, it just says exploring which I have done. See the confusion now?

If that top section that lists Rustbolt and Ankoan isn’t listed when you look at your achievements in-game, yes I can.

It sounds like a display issue then and I’d recommend resetting your UI.

From what I can see on your character, it should look like this:


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And have you followed the steps Vrak provided regarding a default UI to rule out misbehaving addons or corrupt display elements? The image provided is current for those requirements.