Mechagnome Customization Thread

Mechanical torso and head options please.


I really like gnomes and I would play a mechagnome if:

  1. There was a mogging option to show or hide mechanical arms and legs. Yeah, it means we could make mechagnomes that just look like gnomes, but who cares? We can make void elves that look like blood elves.
  2. Customization options to make them look entirely mechanical, and no, the heritage armor isn’t enough. I want options that make my mechagnome look like a total robot. I’d be so there for that.

While I wouldn’t use it I think this is a fair request. I’d really like it if it went a tad further and allowed you to select which arms and legs were enhanced.

Like say have only one mechanical arm vs both or one mechanical leg vs both. And of course have the option for both arms and legs normal.

I would love for a “skin tone” or three that make the entire body into a robotical looking setup.


absolutely need the option to choose which limbs are mechanical. would be amazing!


Indeed. It’s a common request for us.

My only concern is whether or not Blizzard would have to do a lot of work changing things.

Most models are reflected to make the other side of the model which is why symmetry is so common in armor.

Clearly they have some work arounds, some gloves and of course the new shoulder mog options but doing that for a race body component might be difficult.

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I’m not a huge mechagnome player, but i 100% love this thread. They need a TLC pass in an upcoming patch.

I’m going to do an update on the 10.0+ Character Customization Request Megathread - #97 by Chargur-dragonmaw and include some of these awesome suggestions new to here.

More character customizations is a huge win in an MMORPG!


Ooh, ooh, rusty heritage please and thanks! I like the rusted look the best but I pretty much actively avoid it cause heritage is the only robotic armor in the game and the gold pretty much drowns out any other options.


Wonderful! I appreciate that not everyone is going to enjoy a Mechagnome but I’m always happy to see folk helping to spread awareness of our requests so Blizzard has a better chance to see them!

I also need to grab your thread later and add it to my Other Threads list. Got two or so other threads compiling things like yours does but more the merrier.


I love the rusty look as well and would adore getting the Rusty and Silver Heritage armors released for our use.

(Though the rusty and silver ones need to be completed as well. They’re unfinished.)


I am hopeful that mechagnomes will eventually get the unreleased heritage armor recolors. Nightborne finally received their heritage weapons via Timewalking vendor, and dark iron dwarves now have their heritage weapons and heritage mount via questline. Maybe in a few patches, mechagnomes can get the armor recolors and maybe even the unreleased mechacycle recolor. A questline would be cool to see what the mechagnomes are up to now that they are venturing out into the world.


DF pre-order is up!

No more customizations but plenty of goodies for those who like that!

Some new AR threads opened up today! Check em out!

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I would go further in by adding in a racial talent system (if made) for full robotic mechagnomes by having them show the advanced tech of a fully mechanized gnome!

(I am for fully robotic gnomes btw.)


I’m still dreaming about Mechaspider legs as an option.

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Honestly, I think Mechagnomes were the laziest addition Blizzard could’ve possible come up with (which stands in total contrast to the Vulpera, who are an entirely new race).

Still, it is what it is, so if adding more options makes them feel like less of a joke, I’m on board. Not sure about some of the class suggestions, but I’d definitely think they’d do well having options to go full-robot, and I do dig the idea of giving them different “types of metal” to build from. Honestly, I wouldn’t be opposed to them having more of a 50’s “hot-rod” sort of aesthetic as an option, too. Sort of that retro-futurism vibe.


I’m crazy for Atomicpunk. Rayguns, hot rods and pompadours!


What did you have in mind for this concept?

Hey with the new body options I could see them apply that as an option.

The Classes I think work out myself but I don’t begrudge those who think otherwise.

Fully on board with those who want the full robot concept and honestly I think it still fits with the Mechagnomes as a whole. We do strive to keep our Gnomanity and individuality but that doesn’t mean we can’t replace most if not all of the biological components if need be.

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Basically a npc that specializes in the seperate race cultures would be the one you go to to switch “racial talents” to the one you want to reflect.

For a fully robotic gnome i would have some transformer baised racials (like turning into a mount for the non-combat racial)

For combat ones i would imagine the mechagnome would deploy a chest laser canon to blast their targets, which could do some AoE damage and daze a target.

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I want to be able to see my transmogs. Mechagnomes look horrible with the transmog restrictions in place.

There are some who have requested similar.

I think my favorite option regarding that is allowing Mechagnomes to choose which arms and legs are mechanized (if at all) as well as expanding what we can mechanize and the options overall.

More metal colors might be helpful in that regard as well so that we can more effectively match with our mogs.

While I doubt that Mechagnomes would be able to ever just look like a standard Gnomeregan Gnome, I’m sure Blizzard could give us greater flexibility to make players happy.

Mechagon Prevails!

After seeing the Mag’har orc heritage armors with different shades of color for each clan, I just assumed the Mechagnome heritage set had similar treatment due to their various paint colorings in character creation. It looks like a rush job, or just incompetence to not follow it through with these guys.

What really grinds my gears though is the lack of attention to headgear on them. The Mechagnome modification “infra-sight” option is a really cool graphic - it adds an adorable blinking eye reticle. But this option is removed by a wide array of headgear, replacing it with a static, non animated version with a much lower polygon count(This “clipping” was a problem with some pandaren helmets for essentially a decade. The cloth top hat physically removed their ears). It also feels like an oversight to not have the official heritage helmet’s infra-sight be animated as well. The heritage helmet feels really flat and devoid of fun as a result. Goes without saying, though, that the color of these infra-sights should also come with color options, as normal goggles do. Red, green, purple, orange, yellow, etc.

Looking at the “full robot” look, too, there is essentially a single helm across all armor types that fully covers the lower human parts of the face - see my portrait for evidence. This feels wrong. I’d like to be a tiny robot in cloth, mail, and plate please!