Mechagnome Customization Requests Thread

I agree.

I like us as we are, but I do see plenty of potential and I’d love to see where we could go with more mecha!

aaand now I’m happy I did not look it up.

I think at least the option would have been nice. Its kinda indicated that King Mechagon’s soldiers are mostly robot at this point if not entirely so, might as well have had some that were able to remain free like that.


My issue with mechagnomes is that they should of been fully robotic people sort of like the onnicrons from final fantasy 14. Cyborgs that delved too deep with their technology becoming more machine then man but with a twist that they want to rediscover what is to be a gnome.


I really like how this thread is coming. Good work on all of this.

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If bidybabs scare you, then I’m sure Ballora, Ennard, Circus Baby, and Yenndo will too.

NO NO NO don’t look that stuff up

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Guys, FnaF isn’t scary.

The fanart on the other hand…

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:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

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Don’t look up sprintrap and vanny stuff

I just realized your name is Hotanimeguy lol. Love it.

It’s to late for me. My curiosity has already led me to the gates of hell long ago…

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Thank you for the link. This is a great idea and will be doing the same on mine.


Tossing in my support for mechagnome customization, I hope you folks get what you want too :smiley: :robot:

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Well we work with what we got now. Too late to change the story.

My hope is that whatever you want your Mechagnome to be you’ll have that option and plenty of colorations of metal for your needs.

Big bonus if they give us matching heritage armor colors.

Let’s… Let’s not talk about those sorts of things…

Not sure how coc appropriate that is…

I… Am going to remain ignorant I think.


Of course! I love your work by the way!

(I post on Fenelon in your thread.)

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I would have them unlocked and might unlock them now just want to know how hard it is to unlock them as of right now

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Right now it appears to be VERY easy. Seems you can skip almost all of the dungeons leading up to their story now and everything in the recruitment scenario was working the last time I heard anything.


Hopefully the Mekgineers (blizzard) will let us know soon when the remaining AR’s are expected to see their customization pass.

Pants … I want to wear pants , I know you are proud of the leg graphics and they are cool… but walking around in a plate armor or chain mail diapers … is a load? drag? sagging?
think up some OTHER graphic doge or modification than what you have now or let the pant legs go to the knee or ankle like all the other character models.


Skipping past the diaper references… I should probably make sure I added this to the list.

Its requested more than enough to warrant its inclusion and the option sure could be nice.

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Not exactly customization, but I would like a dressing room option to see what new collected mogs look like. I’ve had this happen too many times where I’m like “YAY! A new mog!” then I click to see what it is and all I see is METAL LEG :upside_down_face:


Let us have fleshy legs and mecha arms. Or one of each. Any combination really.


Can I do it on a horde character

I’d like that too…

Keeps happening to me as well.

Think I already have that up top.

I think you can do the prior requirements on Horde but the recruitment quest will need to be done on a level 50 or higher Alliance toon.