Meat to Pet Transmute stinks.

(Scårletråveñ) #164

OMG…Two weeks in a row got 2 of the new pets! Nice to know I finally got something other than a moth or a snake lol Next week, I am sure I will get a snake again lol…

(Fenril) #165

You need to play the Lotto with your luck.

(Zunde) #166

This week i got the Bloated bloodfeaster and the Gearspring hopper.

Decent luck but all i want is the Crawg which continues to elude me.

(Taleranor) #167

I’m back again for this week’s results.
My grumbling sac produced…

A mana wyrmling.

Yup. I can barely contain my excitement.
It only -looks like frustration and disdain.

(Scårletråveñ) #168

And this weeks sac contained…A Yellow Moth woo hoo! :frowning:


Pets are vanity items.
Blizzard sees the transmute as a leveling tool.

On Frostmourne the most expensive pet to buy is around 80k.

That’s 30-40 k less than a token.

I pet battle a lot, have an alchy and collected 1050 odd so far.

Quit whining and buy them from those that are lucky. And before you say “on my server” - roll an alt on a high pop server and sell a few spares to fund the alchy pets.

Not rocket science.

(Inayia) #170

Another Anocona Chicken :rage:

(Vixie) #171

Up to 4 alchemists now. Got nothing unique yet. Oh well. More meat collecting.

(Zunde) #172

Or we can continue to harmlessly vent about a system we think is stupid.

(Grarn) #173

I have six alchemists going and on the sixth one yesterday got the Baby Crawg, the final one I needed, which made me happy. But even so that was the only BfA pet I’ve received in over a month. The drop rate seems ridiculously low on them.

(Taleranor) #174

I did that weeks ago. I enriched some other lucky person so I could get what I wanted without being at the mercy of this awful, frustrating system. Since then, I’ve posted here to share my results out of simple curiosity.

There’s really no call for you to be so, well, jerk-ish about the whole thing. This thread is for those of us who need the sense of community support.

And… holy cannoli, guys. A BABY CRAWG. OMG. Miracles do happen.
(I wonder if I can sell it for something I need…)

(Mokrawr) #175

Another round of 3 sacs, 3 more vendor pets for me.
At least 1 was a Nursery Spider, worst case I can vendor it for 50g…

(Jaréth) #176

I’ve got 4 or 5 doing the transmute each week since I need 2 of each pet, GF got to have hers too ya know. So far I’ve got 2 of everything but the Ball. Haven’t seen it but at least this thread did help me figure out there are just 4 rare pets.

(Fenril) #177

Another oh for three.

It might take the whole expansion to get all 4, I would hate to be the person who is only doing 1 per week.

(Tiresias) #178

That would be me :smiley:

(Vertigineux) #179

Why are you so upset that those of us who regularly farm our own mats and farm it ourselves are unhappy that any effort we put forth has so far been unrewarding? I don’t buy the meat or the bones for any of my four alchemists, and all I usually have to show for it are some lousy 50s filler pets.

This feels like a waste of mats, and buying the pets for high 5 figures feels like a waste of gold (or money, $20, more than a month’s subscription, to buy something that my character could possibly make). Then you have enchanting and engineering, who can also make pets but with 100% more efficiency (because apparently I can create life, but failed a basic Azerothian biology course as I can’t target any specific pet).

I’m glad you enjoy the system or enjoy that you can just trade or buy, but there’s no reason to get ugly at those of us who are trying to get it from the source but have seen nothing better than a nursery spider.

Ancona Chicken
Blk Snke
Red Moth
Kaliri Hatchling
I feel so fulfilled and I’m thrilled to have 2g worth of trash pets [[thumbs up]]


Actually a thread with, so far, 175 posts is mostly for people who need to vent about something. We’ve all caught on that drop rate sucks, so why belabor it over and over.

(Zunde) #181

Because we can.

Next stupid question please.

(Ravenbella) #182

One of the great things about these forums, you don’t need to read them or respond if you don’t like it.

Back on subject: I agree, the transmute stinks. I only have one alchy doing this and each week my heart breaks.

(Vixie) #183

This is why I <3 Zunde, as abusive as he is to me. Constantly stealing my lunch money and knocking me over. So mean.

I got an Albino snake. 3 more to open - somehow the 4 alchys got out of sync, Such a pain. No new pets still.