Meat to Pet Transmute stinks.

(Scårletråveñ) #164

OMG…Two weeks in a row got 2 of the new pets! Nice to know I finally got something other than a moth or a snake lol Next week, I am sure I will get a snake again lol…

(Fenril) #165

You need to play the Lotto with your luck.

(Zunde) #166

This week i got the Bloated bloodfeaster and the Gearspring hopper.

Decent luck but all i want is the Crawg which continues to elude me.

(Taleranor) #167

I’m back again for this week’s results.
My grumbling sac produced…

A mana wyrmling.

Yup. I can barely contain my excitement.
It only -looks like frustration and disdain.

(Scårletråveñ) #168

And this weeks sac contained…A Yellow Moth woo hoo! :frowning:


Pets are vanity items.
Blizzard sees the transmute as a leveling tool.

On Frostmourne the most expensive pet to buy is around 80k.

That’s 30-40 k less than a token.

I pet battle a lot, have an alchy and collected 1050 odd so far.

Quit whining and buy them from those that are lucky. And before you say “on my server” - roll an alt on a high pop server and sell a few spares to fund the alchy pets.

Not rocket science.

(Inayia) #170

Another Anocona Chicken :rage:

(Vixie) #171

Up to 4 alchemists now. Got nothing unique yet. Oh well. More meat collecting.

(Zunde) #172

Or we can continue to harmlessly vent about a system we think is stupid.

(Grarn) #173

I have six alchemists going and on the sixth one yesterday got the Baby Crawg, the final one I needed, which made me happy. But even so that was the only BfA pet I’ve received in over a month. The drop rate seems ridiculously low on them.