MCP and other classes?

Couldn’t a fury warrior stack a bunch of MCP and use them for the buff and then swap to his other weps and do crazy damage? How come ppl don’t do this?

Because the buff only stays on as long as you have the weapon equipped. Switch, and it is immediately removed.

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Because in druid feral form weapons dont do anything aside from being stat sticks
Druids can equip MCP for an incredible buff without the downside of having a terrible weapon.
All they lose out on is a few stats they would have had on the slot otherwise

mcp has 29 dps. An unstoppable force is 61.45 dps. This difference is around 32.45 dps, which is an equivelent of if pummeller had 227.15 strength. This is a lot of strength. Furthermore, 2.0 speed is really bad for abilities that “immediatly trigger an attack”, which scale better with slower weapons, since doing 7.6 seconds of damage in one global is strong.

on second thought, pummeller speeds you up by 50%, so 113.575 strength, but thats assuming you only autoattack, it doesn’t make your ability cooldowns go any faster.

As a mage, I fully understand all of this! :smiley:

mages can autoattack too.

You just blew my mind.


I’ve heard of ret pallies using MCP on private servers in a SoR build that had a ton of different procs. I don’t know how great it was, but I got the impression that it did decent damage, but was also gimmicky and extremely reliant on buffs/consumables. I think they talked about it on one of the paladin episodes of the Countdown to Classic podcast.

Even for the non spell damage stacking paladins, MCP is the best 2h in game. Our DPS is almost entirely auto attack related, and it has the highest auto attack DPS.

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doesn’t seal of command benefit from slower weapons better? Or does the increased attack speed-crits make up for it? Ret does gain additional damage on crit, but wouldn’t you just hit the ppm on it too fast? I can’t imagine pummeller beating a slow weapons(unstoppable force+) with seal of command on top of seal of crusader.

Paladin seal damage is based on the original speed of the MCP, not the haste buffed speed of it.

Yeah but original speed is 2.0. Unstoppable force(low end weapon) is 3.8. The seal procs will do double the damage. with 44% proc per swing, 7 procs per minute, shouldn’t the slower weapon just deal more damage? doesn’t most of ret damage comes from seal of command amplified by seal of crusader.

The haste makes up for the smaller seal damage, because you’re getting more SoR hits from the hasted weapon that procs like it’s 2.0 instead of 1.0. And it’s for 90 seconds if you use all charges.

You don’t use Command (save for Judgement time) with a MCP. You use the guaranteed proc of Righteousness with a wacky proc weapon like MCP or Flurry Axe.

MCP makes up for the other problems this way.

i guess that makes sense.

SoC is definitely stronger on slower weapons, but the 50% attack speed boost causes you to get more SoC hits as well. (There is no limit to how many SoC hits you can get in a minute, the PPM just sets the chance to proc on MCP at around 23% per hit)

Because of that, it very quickly outpaces every other 2h in average damage per second as your stats improve.

By best in slot gear and full world buffs it deals more DPS than Might of Menethil on average for the 90 seconds it is active.

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I just want to see how fast it swings with seal of crusader up


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No dude, we’re talking about the Master Control Program. Try to keep up.

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MCP is subpar for ret paladins. Feel free to research WCL and wonder why none of the best rets in the world are using it. Also, spell ret dps output is significantly lower than AP ret, it’s just easier to gear for if you’re in a guild that’s giving the gear to warriors.